Guide to a stress-free and festive season

OK….We’re going into lockdown again. But let’s just all NOT PANIC.

Here are some pointers to help you “survive” the next couple of weeks:

  1. Pre-Lockdown.
    Prepare some crafts and snacks. Stock up on coloring books, paper, pens and pencils. Get some flour if you may want to bake. Get out those puzzles, games and books to keep the family amused (without relying too much on screen time)?
  2. Pre-Rosh Hashana.
    Don’t forget challot (buy or make?), honey and apples and rimonim, long-lasting candle, new fruit, simanim, wine and grape juice, a menu for the meals. Honey cake and or apple cake.
  3. Post-Rosh Hashana.
    Now’s the time to do things around the house that you wanted to. Maybe re-paint something, fix that broken object, tend to your plants, organise a drawer or two, or a room, switch over to winter clothing/mode.
    In just a few days we’ll be tasked with building and decorating the succah – lots of ideas there.
    How about make a meal plan and stick to it, zoom chats with distant friends and relatives, a short daily workout, family movie nights that are age appropriate, read that book you wanted to and practice your musical instruments.
    Maybe try new things that you always wanted to. In any event, the web is full of great resources for DIY and maker activities.
  4. Most importantly – Keep Calm.
    This lockdown is less stringent then the first. We are permitted to move within our neighborhood (officially within 500 meters of home). So, go on walks to break up the day and get fresh air. Group gatherings outside are permitted in some cases up to 10’s of people. Within health ministry rules, seems that small groups of close friends can gather in the garden or a local park, and keep each other company. We’re practically experienced at this already…right?
  5. This Time is precious.
    You never get it back. Spend it wisely. Our nearest are our dearest, so be kind and patient to them – especially with the kids.

Wishing you a healthy, clutter-free, and stress-free year ahead.

Best of luck and support,    Dalit

About the Author
Dalit is a professional organizer, living in the Jerusalem area for ~15 years, and married with four kids. Her organisational skills allow her to successfully help manage people's spaces by decluttering and reorganizing. Check out her work at Her passions include travelling, good coffee shops, winter sun, and learning for the soul. In her spare time she manages an online facebook group called "Brand New Mamas".
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