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Haaretz contributor justifies attempts to murder Israeli soldiers

I’ve argued before that the State should outlaw and shut down Haaretz, just like racists in Israel cannot stand for office. Not because they lie all day long and instead of report the news, “create” (fake) news. And not even because they are anti-Zionist. Each their own convictions. But rather, because, on a daily basis, they slander the Jewish State the world over and naive readers, not familiar with the situation in Israel, must already believe all the blood libels they read – those foul Jews.

Yet, it has outdone itself again. It now brings a piece arguing prominently that there is nothing wrong with murdering Israeli soldiers.

I’m not going to discuss how heartless and vile one must be to justify any murder. That should be so obvious that it needs no analysis. Just one remark: how filled with hatred must one be to not see a solder as a human being? (I’m not talking about someone in a heated exchange. I’m referring to someone calmly writing an intellectual op-ed on his computer: an armchair murderer.)

Almost as obvious is that there is no legal or moral code in the world that justifies or calls for cold-blooded murder. The United Nations in particular, that regulates the situation in occupied territories (on which the anti-Zionist base themselves when they falsely call the West Bank occupied) does not call for or justify murder by the occupied, not on civilians brought in by the occupier and not on the occupying forces.

The author pretends that such (attempts at) premeditated murder must be just warfare, between a regular army and a guerrilla army. Like: wars are (unstated: always terrible and regrettable but they are) legitimate endeavors on the planet. Walking past an Israeli soldier, policeperson or civilian and suddenly trying to slit their throat is not warfare. It’s murder, just like many (but not all!) Arab Palestinian toddlers are taught by their parents and teachers and in summer camp: hate Jews, kill them and if they kill you in the process, you have reached your highest goal in life.

Guerrilla fighters are only heroes in the minds of violent people who learned to hate very deeply. Look at the Kurds, who really need to liberate their country. They formed and army, not bands of murderers.

By the way, that’s another despicable thing in the piece. It talks as if all “settlers” and all “Palestinians” are each of one mind. That’s not true of any group of people. Especially not in the area of ethics. There is no group of people that only consists of villains or saints. Stereotyping people as all the same is the hallmark of oppressive talk.

Back to our justifier of (and therefore instigator to) murder. One of the mental gymnastics that he tries to let us do is to go believe that these (would be) murderers would differentiate between the “occupiers” of the West Bank and the “occupiers” of the rest of the Jewish State. They don’t. It’s just harder to infiltrate into or recruit murderers within pre-1967 Israel but there are daily attempt to do so – thank G^d almost all of them foiled.

As if childhood indoctrination of hatred of millennia of certain groups could differentiate between “proper, lovable” and “despicable, dispensable” objects of hatred. Hatred of women leads to hatred of all women. Hatred of Jews leads to hating all Jews. Etc. They are forced to sing of murder and bloodshed in kindergarten. Poor kids.

As I mentioned briefly above, they don’t go after soldiers only. They often feel the most heroic in doing so, but they see border police, regular police and often any Jew, including children and bypassing women, as valid targets for their hatred and bloodlust. That’s what hatred does. Just like the Nazis, they don’t differentiate between rich and poor, religious and not religious, young and old, leftwing or rightwing, nice and nasty, smart or stupid. All Jews are fair game for them.

It is absolutely ridiculous to call them guerrillas because they also aim to kill soldiers and therefore cannot be terrorists. The author lies that the civilians they kill are just collateral damage, unintentional victims. When did you hear the PA express sorrow about Jewish civilians accidentally killed by their henchmen? (All great Jew haters lie. You’d think that hating Jews is a conviction like any other but I found that all big Jew haters are expert unabashed liars. Apparently, there are no honest anti-Semites.)

They kill indiscriminately and specifically civilians, which in a war is a crime against humanity – what is that then outside of a battlefield?

These (would-be) murderers are indoctrinated with a hatred of generations gone by, are hating all Jews. And just like their rockets, their burning kites, knives, bullets and car bumpers are aiming at all Jews.

(This short piece only re-brands these murderers as freedom fighters but let’s not forget that normally these vile killers are portrayed as driven by desperation. Driven they are but rather by hatred. And let’s not overlook that most Arab Palestinians are law-abiding citizens. Many of them may not yet successfully have dealt with indoctrination they received against Jews, but they’re getting there and they’re not all would-be murderers. NB: Portraying Arabs as the world’s only Jew Haters is racism.)

Why does Israel allow anyone to justify murder and get away with it?

And my most fundamental question is, why are chronic liars able to instigate hatred of Jews the world over every day, not from Teheran and not from Pyongyang but from the Holy Land itself? Are we that naive or numb to allow for this? Yes, apparently we are. Enough already!

(Haaretz is probably the single publication most responsible for wide-world anti-Semitism. They so make Jews flee the Diaspora as no other but at what cost! Jews will also return to Israel without widespread anti-Semitism and the world would be a much better place without it.)

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