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Hamas cannot be part of the political process in any two-state solution

The massacre, kidnapping, torture, blood thirsty madness perpetrated by Hamas on October 7 assures their destruction within Gaza. There would be no way that Israel could co-exist with this organization whose mission is to annihilate Israel and kill Jewish people.

Therein lies the horror and tragedy.  Hamas has spent hundreds of millions of dollars of Iran’s money to build a terror infrastructure that locates itself amidst the Palestinian civilian population it ostensibly politically represents.

Hundreds of miles of tunnels under schools, mosques, hospitals, residences have provided Hamas camouflage, holding the Palestinian people hostage as human shields to the inevitable and justifiable retaliation by Israel.

The loss of civilian life in Gaza is almost incomprehensible.  And in a diabolical way this catastrophe has afforded Hamas a public relations  success in the eyes of the world–each civilian death a worthy sacrifice in Hamas’ battle for the ‘moral high ground.’

It is horrible that Israel has had to fight war after war to survive since its birth in the ‘ashes of the holocaust’.  Israel turned over Gaza because they wanted peace. Hamas turned into a jihadist staging ground for the worst murder of Jews since the Holocaust.

Hamas has exploited global antisemitism, global anti-Zionism and global compassion for the plight of the Palestinian people into  a ‘perfect storm’ whereby Israel–a true democracy that allows religious freedom, sexual freedom and pluralism — has become the receptacle of moral indignation.

In his sharp rebuke of Israel’s prosecution of the war in Gaza–stating Israel must change course or risk becoming a global pariah–Senate Majority leader Schumer demanded a two state solution to the conflict in Israel. If it were just that easy!

What entity is going to administer this second state?  Hamas? Or, perhaps another extremist political party funded by Iran that eliminates moderate representation such as what occurred in Gaza with the ascension of Hamas?

A two state solution might be the only globally recognized solution, but trust that Iran will also see it as another opening for their brand of hate, terror and extremism.

One can understand Israel’s recalcitrance to such a state after October 7, as they seek to eliminate Hamas.

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