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Hamas Ceasefire Offer: Oct. 7th Never Happened

Hamas, even though its resources are largely depleted and its leadership on the run, is making demands on Israel for peace. Or is it just a temporary ceasefire, so they can regroup and re-arm?~

What this brutal terrorist army wants in essence is a return to the pre October 7th situation, with Hamas in charge of Gaza and Israel paying the bills. This would effectively start the war all over again, with Hamas regrouped and very possibly with Hezbollah in Lebanon, taking the heat of of Gaza with a full scale conflict in the north.

Hopefully, Bibi, embolden by his hard right government, will hold firm and stick to Israel’s demand for all the hostages being freed and a Hamas surrender or else.

Too often Israel, the victor in its wars, is put in the position of having the defeated and occupied dictating peace terms to the it, the victors.

Yes, much of the world is lining up against Israel for its devastating war in Gaza. The October 7th massacre is already a forgotten outrage to a world population with a short memory for foreign news. This must not dissuade Israel from insisting on its own terms for ceasefires and peace.

No developed nation can exist with envious terrorist armies on its borders attacking at will. Gradually Israel had been making peace with several Arab nations under the banner of security based on trade, affluence and mutual defense.

Now, talks involving Israeli negotiators have been taking place in Qatar.  Hamas is expected to respond by Monday as time runs out before the unofficial deadline of 10 or 11 March, when Ramadan starts.

The month of fasting is often accompanied by an uptick in violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, even in quieter years.

What’s on the table now is a  possible six week ceasefire and the release of only some hostages in exchange for scores of jailed Hamas members…Terrorists who will be ready to fight against Israel when the truce has expired.

For its part, Israel first wants a list of  all the hostages that are still alive, something Hamas claims it doesn’t have.

According to Hamas official if Israel were to meet its demands – which include a complete military withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and stepped-up humanitarian aid – this would “pave the way for an agreement within the next 24-48 hours”.

In essence what the Hamas barbarians want is for the calendar to reset to pre October with them back in charge of Gaza. That’s not going to happen.

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