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Hamas thanks Canada for support against ‘fascist Israeli government’

Since Justin Trudeau became Canada’s prime minister in 2015 he’s done a lot of things to shame the country. From making silly statements such as “budgets balance themselves” to uttering word salads when speaking about “water box thingees” to making up words like “peoplekind” he has shown he is a fool. And lately he has been pretty well ignored on the world stage. Except by a notable terrorist group whose claim to fame is the calling for the destruction of Israel.

At the United Nations last week, Canada voted against Israel by voting for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. Many Canadians were shocked Canada broke with the US and voted against the only democracy in the Middle East. What was almost just as surprising was the vote was cast by Bob Rae, Canada’s UN ambassador. Rae, whose wife is Jewish, left the New Democratic Party where he once served as Ontario’s premier to join the Liberals. One reason for the switch was the growing anti-Semitism in the socialist NDP. But the anti-Semitism in the Liberal Party that became readily apparent since Oct. 7 doesn’t seem to faze him.

It was obvious Canada’s position on the vote would be favourable to Hamas. I don’t think many, if anyone, thought the terrorist group would take the time to thank Canada for their vote. But they did.

On Dec. 20, Ghazi Hamad, a Hamas leader, posted a short video on X contained in the linked article. Hamad thanked Canada, as well as Australia and New Zealand, for their help in isolating the Israeli government. It is disgusting a group previously declared a terrorist entity by the Canadian government takes time to thank the country for its help. And what is more disgusting Canada did help.

Trudeau, and his totally incompetent Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly, love to play both ends of the Israel-Gaza war, depending on how the wind is blowing. Trudeau has been silent on the increasing number of anti-Semitic hate crimes in the country’s major cities. On the rare occasion he feels forced to comment, he throws in Islamophobia, usually putting it first. Trudeau is quick to condemn attacks on Muslims but only condemns anti-Semitic acts when he thinks he absolutely must.

Those of us who are not left wing liberals have always known Trudeau doesn’t have much use for Israel or Jews. But that a leader of Hamas would actually thank the Canadian government was a complete surprise. And a shocking one.

Foreign Minister Joly, in an attempt at damage control, released a statement on X saying what she and the Prime Minister usually don’t say; Hamas is a terrorist group, they should lay down their arms and release the hostages, yada, yada, yada. In other words Hamas should do what was never mentioned in the UN resolution. The Liberal government only says these things when facing major blowback for their acts and statements against Israel. As pundit Warren Kinsella noted on X, “The Trudeau Liberals: they’re like a high school student council, but a lot less capable.”

The Trudeau government has given large subsidies to the mainstream media under the guise of preventing them from going under. In other words they bought the media. Other than the National Post, the Toronto Sun and the Epoch Times, Canadian edition, there is virtually no mention of the Hamas statement. Many Canadians will never know about Hamad’s praise of their country.

There is one good thing about the video; it’s short, only 24 seconds long. The Conservative Party of Canada won’t even have to edit it for the next election campaign. And unlike many of Trudeau’s embarrassing actions, this isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

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