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Harvey Weinstein is innocent

Oy vey, Harvey Weinstein is innocent.

Well, according to the outcome that he’s going to get, he’s pretty much innocent.

Yup, you heard me.

He’s innocent.

He has raped, and touched women inappropriately.

But, he is still innocent enough not to go to prison.

What does guilty mean?

To me, being guilty means that when a person, no matter their social status, is treated equally like any citizen, despite him or her making a ton of money.

Now, do I believe that Harvey Weinstein touched and raped women?

Yes, he did. The truth is out there.

Now, is he innocent?

According to the law…no, friends, he is not.

But is he an exception?

Sorry to break it to you, but yes he is.

He’s not going to prison, no Sir, no Ma’am.

He’s not.

Now, how do I know?

Because I’m a psychic!

(I’m kidding you guys, I’m not a psychic.)

But, all you have to do is look at people with the same status as him, meaning rich and famous (yes, that’s all it takes) and who are wealthy enough to open their pockets to shut people up.

I’m serious.

Let’s take a look at Bill Cosby, America’s favorite sweet dad.

Who doesn’t love him?

Don’t we just love those actors?

We love them so much that we forget that they raped, assaulted, shamed, and traumatized so many innocent women, and perhaps men.

We love them so much that we feel relief when we know that they’re not going to prison.

Not only that, but all the millions of women out there who are watching the news see how these powerful men are just let free to roam around the streets, how they’re being defended because of their status.

The result is that those women become more ashamed and shut their mouths up even more.

And men think it’s popular to rape women because Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby did it, and nothing happened to them.

Seriously, nothing happened.

What happened to Bill Cosby?

Nothing, he got fired.

He’s already an old man anyway. He’s already famous. He has a little bit more than millions of dollars in his bank account.

What happened to Woody Allen?

What happened to Casey Affleck?

Donald Trump?


The worst that happened, they got fired. And even worse? *cough* *cough* They became the President of the United States.

Now, if Donald Trump, who publicly disparaged and talked about his so-called acceptable sexual harassment behavior towards women, and was accused of rape and assault, could make it to be the President of the Land of Freedom, do you think that Harvey Weinstein won’t get away with it?

So, yes, he is, technically, guilty but in the eyes of the law he’s going to come out as if he wasn’t.

The only way that he won’t get away with it is if the judges and prosecutors do tshuva and start to believe in Hashem, and they start believing that if they don’t treat those men equally, they’re going to pay for it, in one way or another, by Hashem.

Ladies and gentlemen, those judges and prosecutors are more preoccupied about having enough money to take a nice, long vacation in Nice than bring justice to a bunch of women whose lives have been ruined by Harvey Weinstein. So, the answer is yes, he did rape and assault women but, I’m sorry to break it to you friends, he will come out innocent unless prosecutors start to act like decent human beings and start treating people of power as they would treat you.

And if he is going to end up going to prison?

I’d like President Trump, Woody Allen, Casey Affleck, (and the list goes on and on) to go along with him.

That’s fair don’t you think?

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