Has Bibi Gone Mad?

Paranoia and fear of being found guilty with a possible prison sentence has sent Prime Minister Netanyahu (hopefully not for much longer)  over the cliff  into the depths of madness. Not a madness referring to anger but referring  instead to insanity.

In his most recent moment of madness he announced the treacherous claim that “Israel is NOT the state of ALL its citizens,” quoting his racist Nation-State law indicating that non-Jews in Israel can have equal civil rights but they cannot be citizens. For him,  Israel is the state of the Jewish people… ONLY !!!

What would American Jews do if Congress passed a resolution into law declaring that all Jews, even those born in America, cannot be American citizens though they can have civil rights?

No tea party in Boston has seen such a possible new American revolution. But regrettably and sadly, most Israelis do not revolt.

Israeli Arabs and Druze, Christians and Circassians among other minorities who were born in Israel, have lived in Israel and in pre-State Palestine for generations and who have served our nation faithfully in defense, science, medicine, literature, drama and art are now, under Netanyahu’s mad proclamation ,  they are not entitled to be Israeli citizens any more.

In his warped mind, over-heated by the pressures which he now must endure and suffer, he has revealed his hidden racism for all the world to see.

If members of his own Likud party had the courage, the guts, and the sense of doing the right thing, they would defy him and pass a new law revising the racist elements in the Nation-State law. What do they have to fear?  Bibi may hopefully not be re-elected but the stain of racism and disgrace will be upon every member of his political party for the rest of their lives.

Will Bibi make a new law requiring Arabs and other non-Jews to sit in the back of a bus? Will he install separate drinking fountains for Jews only and non-Jews only?  Is he so much in love with America that he wants to incorporate the worst elements of American racial history into Israel?

I think that the one thing we are missing in our country is a Martin Luther King, Jr. — one who has a dream of freedom and equality for all.  We are lacking a voice crying out for humanity.

The one hero whose life has been based upon “tzedek tzedek tirdof”… follow justice and do righteousness… is the founder and Chief Editor of the TIMES OF ISRAEL, the gifted journalist, David Horovitz, whose pen becomes his voice and whose words are the reflection of democracy and the best ideals of Judaism.

Bibi has obviously forgotten the words in the Hebrew prayerbook and in the Passover haggadah… “remember the strangers among you, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.”

Our Jewish faith, culture and heritage has commanded us for thousands of years to be kind to the strangers among us.  Our 1948 Declaration of Independence made it a point to declare that every citizen of our country should be treated fairly and equally under the law.

I guess that Bibi did not read that part of the Declaration. It must have been written in a Hebrew style with which he was not completely familiar having spent so many years in Cambridge, USA.

He never knew what it meant for thousands of Jews upon arrival as new immigrants to sleep in maabarot or tent-camps, enduring cold and heat, mud and heavy rain. They endured great discomfort for a long time but they survived and became very fine and proud citizens of their reborn homeland.

He never spent any length of time, short of his infrequent and brief visits, in towns and villages of the Druze communities in the north of our country. To speak of loyal citizens, the Druze rank extremely high on the list. They have given their blood and far too many of their lives in the defense of Bibi’s “Jews only” state.

And what about our Christian Armenian community in Jerusalem? They settled here in their numbers following the Turkish genocide of 1914-1918, in which, one and a half  million Armenians were massacred by the Muslim Ottoman Turks, a holocaust which Turkey denies and shamefully Israel does not publicly condemn the massacre of the Armenians for fear of harming political and economic relations with Turkey.

If we Jews are a people of righteousness and justice we have an obligation to stand up and denounce the Netanyahu racism. We must insist that everyone  born in Israel before and after 1948 is an equal citizen of Israel in every respect.

We must condemn AIPAC’s mistake in inviting Netanyahu to their March conference in Washington. He should be greeted with loud boos instead of hand clapping. He must hear the strong voices of American Jews who decry his policies and his lack of respect for of Israel’s minorities.

The racism of South Africa and the United States has no place in our country.  Here, all citizens are equal under the law. And so it must be forever.

Bibi Netanyahu has no right or authority to change our law. He is very far from ever being a Hitler or a Stalin, but he is on the slippery road to autocracy.

He must be stopped before we are all contaminated by his madness.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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