Has Israel been Trumped?

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Education Minister Naftali Bennett may see a new true partner in the White House. They may also see a green light for building in the West Bank.

The reality is more dangerous. Before annexing Maale Adumin and other parts of Areas C, the government should pause for reflection. The US elections may be an opportunity to extend sovereignty over much of greater Israel, but it is doubtful whether such an act  will make Israel great again. Israel in fact risks losing it’s most important asset, the support of the vast majority of American Jewry.

With 71 per cent of American Jews voting Democrat in the last election, it maybe worthwhile for Israel to hold back on the anti Obama rhetoric as well as the messianic glorification of Trump.

For may American Jews, Trump is the antithesis of their Jewish and american ideals. Given the frequent political battles between Netanyahu and Obama, many American Jews will choose liberal values over support for a right-wing,Trump supported Israel.

The schism has been growing between Israel and Democrats in recent years. When the Israeli Prime Minister openly chastised President Obama for his nuclear deal with Iran in the US and with invitation of the Republicans, the rift was laid open for all to see.

President Trump provides many opportunities for Israel to repeal many of the mistakes of the last administration. Israel, however, needs to be careful of what it has wished for. Rather than the new messiah, Trump may soon appear as a King without clothes. Unfortunately Israel may lose many of its friends in the US before it realizes it.






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