#Hashtag – #BDSIsTheNewAntiSemitism

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I had the displeasure of dealing with BDSer’s and Israel Apartheid Week adherents this week on Twitter.

After seeing the slanderous lies that they tweet about Israel I decided I’d have some fun and take their tweets and change the wording so that it described them instead of Israeli’s.

The strange barrage of attacks that I received was eye opening and telling. It showed me a picture of a deceptive group of thugs, not interested in showing what the truth is but for the demise of Israel. There is no compromise here, they deny the right of Israel to exist at all.

They never answered to what I was tweeting directly. What they would do is change the subject and ask a question while posting a biased article to “prove” their point.

The first tweet with attached article they sent was about the so-called “massacre” of Arabs in 1948. They called it “ethnic cleansing”. I found this odd since we were supposed to be discussing so-called Israel Apartheid/BDS today, in 2014.

My response was to remind them that they started a war, lost it and it was time to move on now. In the BDS world of no personal responsibility never ending whining about perceived victim hood is at pathological levels.

I stated that many Jewish lives were lost not only during the war but before and afterwards as well. I also mentioned that there were 800,000 or so Jews ethnically cleansed from Arab countries and Israel absorbed them all in 1948. In contrast the Arab refugees are now cynically being used as a political pawn by the Arab world.

One of these confused dupes actually said that Israel was ethnically cleansing Arabs now. My response was that if that was the case it must be a reverse ethnic cleansing since their numbers are actually growing.

They were actually saying all this with a straight face as rockets were raining down on civilian neighborhoods in southern Israel.

When the BDSer could not answer to this it got confused with the facts, and had  their partner’s in lies  send me tweets about #Remembering #RachelCorrie. Once again a quick change of subject having nothing to do with what we were just talking about but I was up for the task.

Now here I thought I could have some fun.

I thanked this delusional dupe for the reminder to remember Rachel. Wasn’t she the confused and naïve young woman who was sympathetic to Hamas Islamic Jihad and died while protecting a Hamas Terror Tunnel?

Was she the one they let die in front of them so they could later cynically exploit her death for a yearly disgusting and ghoulish PR Stunt?

I then posted a photo of this proving my point as well as some photos of Gazan’s themselves living very prosperous lives and buying Israeli products.

Oh, what was that on the end of the Twitter feed? Silence? No answer to these statements because again they were confused with the facts and didn’t have the intellectual argument to refute what I was saying.

At this point one of them tweeted me with my article in the Times Of Israel about Israel’s LEGAL GROUNDS and pronounced that Israel was now creating history and referred to it as #Hasbara #Fail.

The underlying message I read here was, Israel actually doesn’t have the right to exist and any rights they do have is a fictional made up story.

Later that evening I came across an article explaining how thousands of Palestinian’s are literally starving at the hands of Assad in Syria and yet there is no word from the BDS crowd that apparently so loves the Palestinian’s?

I tweeted the article with the comments that, there is no Flotilla, no campus crusade for a boycott of Syria, Syria Apartheid Week. Not one word or practical help is coming from this crowd of frauds for the Palestinian’s they so claim to stand up for.

This group of phonies and hypocrites deserve to be outed for their outright lies and perversion of the truth. They need to be delegitimized and held to account for the vicious slander against Israel and the Jewish people.

It was more than obvious to me after our exchange that this is extreme anti-semitism disguised as a “concern” for the human rights of the “Palestinian’s”.

Clearly they have another agenda or Assad would have a BDS and Syria Apartheid Week  Campaign of his own to contend with. I wonder how he would to answer to them?

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Leslie-Ann Stoffel is a Canadian pro-Israel advocate and blogger. She is very active in this capacity on Facebook and Twitter with over 21,000 followers. She also writes for The Jewish Press, has reported for Israel National News and has a blog on the CIJA - Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs Blog - The Exchange.
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