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Hatzuk in Rosh Hanikra – a kosher restaurant on the Cliff

Hatzuk, photo: T. Sharon

Hatzuk (“The Cliff”) restaurant is situated in a structure reminiscent of a ship kissing the sky, the water and the spectacular view of Rosh Hanikra. The cliff restaurant is strictly kosher, which does not detract from the excellent quality of the food, and the meal we ate there is one of the best meals we have eaten recently!

The restaurant is at the northern beach point of the Western Galilee right above the entrance to the Rosh Hanikra site. Its location is right on the edge in front of an endless view. The building is designed in the shape of a ship with large windows that present the most beautiful design of nature – the sea to the west, and the Achziv Beach and the northern coastal plain overlooking Haifa on a clear day. Those who look down will be able to watch the cable car of the Rosh Hanikra site. It’s beautiful here at any time, but at sunset it’s the most romantic and just perfect.

The Cliff “Hatzuk” photo T. Sharon

Hatzuk is a strictly kosher chef restaurant serving meat, various steaks, hamburger, chicken, fish and more. There are children’s dishes. At lunch, they offer a lunch deal starting at NIS 136 per diner; a fair price for a chef meal in a prime location.

The lunch deal includes the homemade bread and dips: mashausha chickpea hummus, tabbouleh, cabbage salad, beet salad and eggplant cream. The salads are all delicious. We added a market salad and a beef filet Carpaccio. All the salads without exception were excellent! In many restaurants, these kinds of salads are full of vinegar or excessive seasoning, but here everything was balanced and full of flavours!

Filet, photo T. Sharon

For mains we took the chef’s burger from premium cuts plus fries, sautéed mushrooms and sweet potato crisps, and the Beef Filet Tornado that came with Portobello mushrooms, foie grass on potato gratin in demi-glace. Both dishes were excellent, the meat was made just right, tender and juicy. We didn’t feel for a moment that its being kosher was a limit, the food was perfect!

For dessert we took a warm chocolate soufflé with a liquid center and ice cream with caramel alongside a glass of espresso. Even after we finished the meal we were in no hurry to leave, we enjoyed every moment here in front of this amazing view. I highly recommend this restaurant!

Dessert, photo T. Sharon

Hatzuk (“The Cliff”), Rosh Hanikra. A kosher meat restaurant in the Western Galilee.

Disclaimer: The writer was a guest of the restaurant

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