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Have No Fear, Hashem Is Here

This week, we found out that Russia is sending fighter planes and other advanced military equipment to Iran.

This is on top of Iran’s ongoing pursuit of nuclear weapons in order to “destroy Israel and attack the U.S.

However, despite all this, if we have faith in G-d and do our part, we have no reason to fear.

We have been through the fires of the Inquisition, the violent mobs of the pogroms, and the ovens of the Holocaust.

The G-d of Israel lives, and only He controls the course of history.

May He help us to prevail over the sinister, evil plot that the Ayatollah and Mullahs are hatching.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly warned against the Iranian threat and has just retaken office. He has pledged to stop Iran’s dangerous nuclear program.

So far, neither carrots nor sticks have been successful in halting Iran’s march to the bomb!

We have learned the lesson of “Never Again” and should not wait for the Ayatollah to “press the button” and bring about doomsday.

The terrorist Iranian regime is a mutual threat to both Israel and the United States. They should not be afraid to defend humanity from Iran’s irrational hatred and hostility.

When I watched the video of the IDF in this blog, I felt great pride in the courage and incredible progress that Israel, the Jewish State, has continued to make in building up its security capabilities. Israel’s miraculous success is based on faith, along with creativity, determination, and audacity.

Certainly, we are frail and limited human beings and can never truly know what will happen in the future, but as we hope for an ever-bright future for Israel and the U.S., we also hope to see the Iranian people swiftly liberated.

As we begin 2023, let us together hope and pray that G-d will have mercy and show the triumph of good over evil once again.

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