Have they no shame?

Emmanuel Macron (Via Jewish News)
Emmanuel Macron (Via Jewish News)
Did you see the video Boris Johnson sent us to say Happy Chanukah. Absolutely heart warming. He also pointed out that in order to celebrate Chanukah originally we had to beat the Greeks on our own, whereas we could now count on the support of every decent Brit. Even more heartwarming. G-d save the Queen.
Fortunately there is an opportunity to reciprocate now that we still have no agreement on leaving the EU. It starts with my Uncle Abe. He got gassed in the First World War and died a few years later from the effects. My aunt had a bad time trying to find enough to bring up the children.
Why was he in the trenches though in the first place?
He was there to stop Paris being captured. In the battle of Ypres alone we had 300,000 killed and wounded casualties defending the French. In the second world war we lost tens of thousands of men again, liberating France. President Macron also apologised for the contribution his people made to the rounding up and slaughter of French Jews. He mourned at the anniversary service for D Day this year.
Words are cheap, however. President Macron now threatens to block any deal Boris Johnson makes with the EU, unless we let his fishermen fish in our waters. To which there can only be one question. Have the French no shame?
Did they pay us to liberate them or did we do it for the same democratic ideals which have led to us leaving the EU. They certainly had to pay for the German occupation.
Some of the Belgians are going to object as well. Damn it, we went to war twice to protect Belgian independence. If Belgium, Luxembourg and all the other small European nations are attacked, they haven’t a hope of resisting unless we come in on their side again. And what does Luxembourg do? They block an agreement and are infamous for their money laundering.
And the Poles have reservations and a lot of them are trying to stop shechita exports.  We went to war for them as well. And the Greeks cost us a fortune trying to defend them, and we liberated the Dutch. The most important port in Northern Europe today is Rotterdam, into which the Dutch have sunk a massive fortune. We spent the same money over the years on our armed forces, who were there to defend – the Dutch. Invaders would reach Holland before Dover.
All these countries owe us far more than the odd “thank you” when Armistice Day comes round. We freed the Norwegians as well. Fighting for them in 1940 we suffered 4,400 casualties. Did they offer to pay the widow’s pensions? As far as I can see, all we got was a Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square and they’re not even in the EU.
It doesn’t matter what we, as individuals, think about Brexit. The country voted to leave and the government has accepted the conclusion which had the most votes. That’s what democracy is all about. That’s why we bankrupted the country between 1939 and 1945, to prevent rule by dictatorship. We ended the war so broke we had to introduce bread rationing because we didn’t have the dollars to pay for the wheat. Rationing lasted till 1954. We finally paid for the war in 2005. To liberate the countries who are now making our lives difficult.
Have these countries no shame? We have soldiers in Eastern Europe because the Russians have taken the Crimea. If the Russians get. more belligerent who does Europe expect to defend them? NATO and that means us again.
Well, why should we? Let them defend themselves. We can remain in alliance with America. We have many American air bases in the country. Nobody is going to attack America’s best ally.
It is all too easy to say that the second world war was a long time ago. The Germans are still prepared to discuss additional reparations, having spent vast sums trying to make amends for the horrors they inflicted on Europe. The war was a close run thing and without Britain, Europe would have lost.
The British parliament has had a few scandals and they are dealt with severely. The EU have had to fire dozens of their commissioners over the years because of corruption. So if these European nations have no shame, perhaps we should buy goods manufactured in other countries.
I have had friends in Europe in most countries and I always found them a very pleasant lot. I just despair at the governments they have to put up with; governments with no shame.
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