Heads in the sand

Here we go again. I do not only mean the massacre in an Orlando gay nightclub, which was absolutely despicable, and I grieve for the victims and their families. I also mean how many in the United States and around the world moved so quickly to thrust their heads in the sand looking for every reason other than the obvious for the worst mass shooting in US history.

I heard the news early Sunday morning and watched as pundits noted that even though nearly from the start, there were verified reports that “the shooter, one Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, had certain ideological leanings,” we should not rush to judgement until all the facts were known. It’s true. They said, “certain ideological leanings.”

The national reporters and anchors could not force themselves to say “radical” or ‘Islamic” in their reporting even though by that time they knew very well what had driven the scumbag terrorist to murder 49 people and injure many others. Taking their cue from perhaps the most flaccid American president in history, the talking heads just couldn’t do it.

They talked about “hatred.” Just plain hatred, mind you, not radical Islamic hatred. Not Islamic extremist hatred for westernized women and for gays, and for Jews, and for anyone not an Islamic radical. And the usual gun control arguments popped up as well. All did say the shooting was an “act of terror,” but many crimes could be called acts of terror. Armed robbery is an act of terror isn’t it? What about rape? It also took a while before I heard anyone say anything about this being the Muslim month of Ramadan, which probably played a part in the killer’s thinking.

Heaven forbid the denying enablers from Barack Obama on down to the mainstream media bottom feeders could actually tell the truth. As usual.

So much has come out about Omar Mateen, from the 911 call at the nightclub pledging allegiance to ISIS’ leader and other terrorists, to the history of his travels, and his actions against his ex-wife, and the toxic racist rants against Jews and blacks and Hispanics heard by his co-workers. We also know he frequented the club and was apparently gay himself, and even if he was a self-hater, maybe he decided to choose a familiar place. Yet after all of this, there are those still only espousing the gay hatred and gun control platitudes, leaving out the true cause of what happened.

Was the Islamist’s attack on the Pulse nightclub a targeted attack on the LGBT community in Orlando? Of course it was. Did he use guns to commit the heinous crime? Obviously. But was the attack simply because of hatred against gays? Was it simply because there are too many guns on the street? Guess what, sensitive, touchy-feely, politically correct, so worried about Islamophobia you have common sense-ophobia, bend-over-backward-to-be-more-tolerant-than-smart, liberal hand-wringers?

Omar Mateen was an Islamic radical terrorist!

I do not belittle in any way the horror Matten unleashed. But calling the mass murder simply “a hate crime,” as if this was a savage affront only to gays and not to civilization as a whole, and saying as some leftists do, that Islam does not explain what Madeem did – if you can believe that lunacy, diminishes terrorism and it is a lie.

And contrary to what President Obama says, labeling the terror as Islamic does not imply a war against all Muslims. In fact, not doing so is cowardly and emboldens the terrorists and it is a lie.

Mateen was an equal opportunity, full-service hater, a homophobe and a misogynist and a racist, a butcher of innocents, because he was an Islamic radical terrorist! He decided to murder gay people over the weekend. He could have just as easily gone to a YWCA or a synagogue, or a black church.

And I am sick of this “lone wolf” nonsense. Even if it is proven Madeen had absolutely no physical connection to ISIS or Al-Qaeda, as long as he was inspired by terrorist organizations, although he may have acted alone, he is no lone wolf. To me, Islamic terrorist trash falls under the umbrella of all Muslim terrorism. Making this evil Jihadist a loner is another way the head in the sand apologists try to distance terrorists from their religion. And doing so only downplays, and so, excuses and facilitates all terrorism.

Now before anyone jumps on me saying I am a racist or an Islamophobe, let me say this. I and others can intensely loathe Islamic radicals without being against the vast, vast majority of Mohammed’s adherents. Also, just because there are bigots who hate all Muslims or Islam, and so use crimes such as what happened at Pulse as fodder for their beliefs and arguments, it does not mean we should refuse to see the truth and tell the truth.

The civilized world needs to do more to counter Islamic terrorism. Abandoning our responsibilities in the Mideast caused so much of what is happening today, and to continue to deny how Islam is used to kill makes things worse.

Also, yawning when one or two or more innocent men women and children are picked off by Jihadists — for example, last week four Israelis were gunned down by two Hamas terrorists at a Tel Aviv café, or ho-humming when Christians and others are blown up or raped or sold into slavery as is being done by Islamists in the Middle East and Africa, invites more despicable acts over there — overseas, and over here — in the US.

As I have written in the past, more Islamic terrorism is coming. Everywhere. But that’s easy to predict. What is hard to predict is when world leaders take it seriously enough, not just to react, but to address it for what is it and to effectively kill it before it kills so many more of us.

About the Author
Shia Altman who hails from Baltimore, MD, now lives in Los Angeles. His Jewish studies, aerospace, and business and marketing background includes a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. When not dabbling in Internet Marketing, Shia tutors Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and Judaic and Biblical Studies to both young and old.
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