Heartbreaking final text message before he was killed

kiPW8708633A random text message that he sent has become his legacy.

Late on Friday afternoon, January 9, 21 year old, Yoav Hattab sent a text message to a friend encouraging him to celebrate and observe Shabbos that evening. Little did he know that it was going to be the last text he’d ever send.

Minutes later he walked into the Hyper Cacher supermarket in Paris, where he was killed by a cowardly terrorist together with three other precious souls.

We feel anger and frustration in our inability to help our brothers and sisters in distress in France and elsewhere in the world where they are persecuted. Whilst we can’t always help them physically, we can certainly help them spiritually.

By embracing the last legacy of Yoav Hattab, we can allow his soul to live on through us, since our added observance and sensitivity to Shabbos is due to his inspiration and encouragement.

If you don’t light Shabbos Candles, try to do so. Try to arrange to have Shabbos guests around your table with Kiddush and Challah so as to spread the love of this beautiful day with those who don’t yet experience it. Come to Shul and celebrate with our warm, loving community. Please contact me if you would like to hear any more ideas as to how to perpetuate the legacy and last will and testament of Yoav’s beautiful soul.

Translation of the actual text message (pictured):


Yoav: Try to observe the Shabbat as soon as you arrive

Friend: This Shabbat is stressful, I have exams tomorrow morning and I’m flying, but next Shabbat for sure

Yoav: These are difficult times in France for the Jews. So, at least try.

Yoav: Don’t do everything but at least try.

Friend: Yes, no worries! For sure.

Yoav: You’re the bomb.

Friend: lol, thank you.

Here’s someone in our community who was inspired to make a difference in his life this week:

Peter was denied a bris in his native Hungary by his own family for fear of the anti-semites ever finding out that he is Jewish. This week, he bravely arranged a bris for himself, at 33 years old, without anesthesia!! He entered as Peter, hiding his Judaism and emerged Moshe, proudly celebrating his Judaism.

Not everyone can do a bris at 33 years old, but we can certainly be inspired to enhance our Judaic experience on the next level!

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