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Hershey Co. Almost as Dangerous To Israel as Hamas

These four soldiers constitute the largest number of female soldiers ever to simultaneously complete the Sergent-First-Class' Course for the Infantry Corps. Courtesy: Released into public domain by Israeli Defense Forces Spokesperson’s Unit.

America, now battling for its very life against an internal and almost suicidal far-Left, is no longer the staunch and ever-reliant ally of Israel that it once was. The last decade has seen two of the last three administrations not only making plain their public distaste for the Jewish state and their support for its enemies, but taking their aversion to Israel to such extremes as to even attempt to interfere in Israeli internal politics.

The United States, however, isn’t just importing its own dysfunctional views into Israeli political campaigns. For the extremism sucking the life out of America and Western Europe, election-meddling is a small thing, a comparatively harmless peccadillo compared to declaring mathematics “racist,” pretending that there’s no such thing as a “woman,” or converting all the foundational icons of Western history and culture from heroes to villains. They’ve gone so far as to demand that people starve and freeze while they cut off the gas and await the climate apocalypse they’ve been predicting to descend upon the world every ten years—and repeated every decade when the absurd end-days fandango fizzles over and over again.

This sort of Orwellian mass insanity is worse than Soviet communism or Byzantine iconoclasm or any period lunacy that wreaked havoc in the past, for its ultimate purpose is to push humanity from the wealthy, healthy, safe, secure, leisured existence it’s struggled to earn since Neolithic times, and back to the impoverished, short-lived, dangerous, haphazard lives of our distant forbears. It’s no coincidence that an intrinsic part of the litany of this new death cult is the unremitting insistence that we all dispense with normal fare and start eating insects—in the manner of our hunter-gatherer ancestors of a hundred thousand years ago.

Sowing chaos, confusion, anxiety, division, and a dread of normalcy and a bright future is at the heart of every facet of the neo-leftist activists’ worldview, and nothing can accomplish widespread angst like taking biology’s great piston of life over the last billion years—sex—and turning that as well into just another mockery of the anti-science sloganeers whose motto, bizarrely of course, is “settled science.”

There is no team of skilled plastic surgeons, no battery of powerful drugs and hormones, nothing even remotely plausible in this universe or any other to magically transform the 3.2 billion base pairs in the chromosomes of every of the 37 trillion cells in a human body so as to morph a male into a female. Everyone, of course, knows this—to include so-called progressives who’ve seized control of this most settled of all science, through bullying, threats, loud shouting, and endless repetition in a media too terrified to stand up to it. Presidents and CEOs of great American corporations are certainly aware of it too, but rather than confront such hiveminded groupthink, the cowardly way, the easy way, the surrendering way, is to simply give in and start mindlessly repeating the mantra as well. The capitulation now extends even to candy companies in the USA.

Executives at the Hershey Company, for example, the world’s fifth largest candy confectioner, have launched a campaign to celebrate this month’s Women’s Day by choosing a spokesperson for the promotion who is a biological male who self-identifies as a woman, and in so doing overlooking 3.9 billion women on the planet who might have been selected for the position. That math in itself screams not only of politics, but the worst, dysfunctional kind where common sense and normalcy are jettisoned for fanaticism.

Israel is in no position to play such weak-minded games. It needs its women to create strong families, to teach and instill, to nurture, protect, defend and support. And Israel desperately needs its men. The Jewish state’s enemies, give them credit, aren’t the slightest bit interested in feminizing their sons, while Israel’s supposed ally, in states such as Oregon, is now not only permitting castration of minors, but subsidizing the procedures at public expense.

The special relationship between America and Israel is unfortunately a thing of the past; the former has lost its collective mind and the latter is engaged in a life or death struggle which can’t afford such psychotic comrades in arms. New allies should be sought in regions of the world healthy, sane, courageous and proud enough to know the difference between a man and a woman, between up and down, between right and wrong. Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa are home to many such nations.

And Israel thankfully possesses plenty of great candy companies, so there’s no reason to spend a single shekel on Hershey Company products. Decent Israelis, in fact, should be ashamed to be seen clutching one of their candy bars after such an egregious slap in the face to all women, everywhere.

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David Nabhan is a science and science fiction writer. He is the author of "Earthquake Prediction: Dawn of the New Seismology" (2017) and three other books on seismic forecasting.
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