Emil Shleymovich

Hi Bibi


You won’t read this, I know. Also because I am just one of those citizens whose opinion you are not interested in. Also because you are not interested in what is written to you at all, and certainly not in Russian. Therefore, addressing you is nothing more than a literary form: there is no point in talking to a deaf person.

I just want to say that I remember the coup attempts in Azerbaijan, where I was born, which was far from being democratic. At that time Heydar Aliyev (a heavy-handed president of Azerbaijan with a KGB background) came back to power and the military decided to attack the Government House — but when they approached there was a human shield waiting for them. So they did not storm it.

In another case, the political situation was the opposite. People led by the opposition came out against the pro-Russian president, Ayaz Mutallibov. The government building was guarded by a special police unit, which should have had no difficulty in dispersing the crowd. But they didn’t.

It’s not a question of who’s right and who’s wrong. Even if you are a hundred times right in pushing through your laws and the people, or a significant part of them, are wrong — neither you nor the members of your coalition have the right to ignore this at a time when IDF veterans and other Israelis are being beaten under the walls of the Knesset — even if you have become blind in your efforts to turn Israel into a dictatorship.

That’s not the behaviour of a politician. It’s the behaviour of a thug. And the thug should know — there will be retribution. You, Bibi, may not go to jail – you will manage to escape under the wing of Putin, in whose interests you have been working of late. But in the minds of the people you will forever remain the most hated politico in recent history, a politico who endangered the life in the country by pitting Israelis against each other.

God forbid that any of this should result in serious injury, let alone death, at a protest rally. But all the blood spilled so far is on your conscience, on your head, on all your associates.
You don’t care any more — but those who save you (out of cowardice, meanness, self-interest or ideology) should also know that you will have to answer for your inability to see and hear your people. Public contempt will be the least of your punishments.

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Born in 1971 in Baku (Azerbaijan). Immigrated to Israel in 2001. Emil was a member of the Israeli editorial staff of RTVI (Russian TV International), then worked at the Public Broadcasting Authority. Currently, he is the editor-in-chief of the portal
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