High Energy Women in Conversation: Israeli Artist Jordana Klein

As part of my undergraduate degree at Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women, I enrolled in Art History. I was mesmerized by both the art and the passionate artist.

What inspired the artist? What unique experience motivated their creativity? How do they work? What is their creative process? My semester in art history opened my heart and mind to art.

A few months ago, I had the awesome opportunity of chatting with Audrey Sklar Levy, of the Sklar Levy Gallery, in Modi’in.  Click here to read more in my Times of Israel Blog.

Jordana Klein: Art From Jerusalem

Recently, I started seeing more and more artwork, (on Facebook – where else? ) from Israeli artist Jordana Klein.  Jordana has been painting for over thirty years, with exhibitions in the United States, Canada, Israel, and South Africa.

Jordana’s collection, Art From Jerusalem is a unique genre of artwork both poetic and graceful while being boldly colored and bursting with life.

Jordana’s paintings are an artful a blend of abstract and realism, objects and spirituality. Themes and emotions are woven together to create a tapestry of hope and spirituality.

The overarching theme of Jordana’s work is the beauty of G-d’s world. From the Kotel to the Judean Hills, or a Tallit swinging in the wind. Her paintings give voice to the visible and the unseen – the soul, feelings, the spark deep within all of us.

It is evident, that as a religious Jew, Jordana prays through her artwork.

In the siddur, the prayers are both collective and the personal, current and historical, meant to be internalized by each Jew in their own ways and according to where they exist in that particular time and space.

Jordana’s believes that art is meant to do the same.

An artist who makes the spirit world visible

Let’s Meet

After a few messages and phone calls, Jordana agreed to meet with me, give me a tour of her studio, and chat about life as an artist.

Jordana, thank you so much!

Our conversation was energizing!

Thank you for taking me “behind the scenes”, and educating me about your life, as an artist.

Proud to present, High Energy Woman: In Conversation.

Jordana Klein’s artwork is on display at a new art gallery in Jerusalem: La Vie en Rose Art Gallery, 9 Leib Yaffe St., in Arnona, Jerusalem.

Their walls are covered with her art and their tables are covered with her Judaica.

Definitely worth a visit!

High Energy Mom’s Favorites:

As usual, I am having a little trouble choosing my favorites.

Jordana, graciously sent me home with the Eishet Chayil piece of artwork, to display near my Shabbat candles.

Which is your favorite?

Are you a high energy woman?

Let’s chat!

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Pictures courtesy of Jordana Klein.

Click here to arrange your visit to Art From Jerusalem.

This post has been sponsored by Art From Jerusalem.

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