High Energy Women in Conversation with Yocheved

High Energy Mom‘s exclusive interview with Audrey Sklar Levy, founder of the Sklar Levy Gallery:

Modi’in is abuzz!

Everyone is talking about the great news.

Our local art scene has grown!

Netta Lieber Sheffer, “Pool”, 2017

No need to take the train to Tel Aviv or fly to Manhattan for quality art dialogue.

Modi’in resident and New Jersey olah, Audrey Sklar Levy, recently opened the Sklar Levy Gallery, here in Modi’in.

Tamar Roded Shabtay “SECRET PASSAGES #2”

High Energy Mom was LIVE at Grand Opening!

Energised, stirred and invigorated by the gallery opening entitled “Opening”, an artistic depiction of both literal and metaphorical openings.

I had so much to chat with Audrey about!

Proud to present, High Energy Woman: In Conversation.

With special guest Audrey Sklar Levy.


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Pictures courtesy of Audrey Sklar Levy.

Click here to arrange your visit to the Sklar Levy Gallery https://www.sklarlevy.com/.

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