High Tech’s Inspirational Response to Nir Forti (Z’L) Tragedy

Nir Forti Z'l
Nir Forti Z'l

In the midst of this harrowing war, Israeli businesses are impacted on many levels; economic uncertainty, working despite colleagues being in reserve duty, and also dealing with the heartbreaking loss of their own employees. 

TytoCare – which creates remote health care solutions- is an Israel-based company with hundreds of employees and should be recognized for its remarkable approach and unwavering commitment to rebuilding. Their first Sales Development Representative hire, Nir Forti Z’L, was murdered at the Nova music Festival on October 7th. 

In the face of this unimaginable grief for the family, and friends from work, TytoCare has found a meaningful way to rebuild; A way to turn this sorrow into a powerful positive force.

Nir Forti Z’l

TytoCare has chosen to honor the memory of Nir Forti by launching a full scholarship to help other young Israelis find their way into successful careers in high tech. They have partnered with SDRs of Israel community to provide scholarships for other Israelis to retrain and enter the high tech workforce through Salesclass.  Salesclass is an online bootcamp that has trained nearly 400 SDRs who are working in more than 200 different high tech companies.

The scholarships are an opportunity for people like Nir, who are full of energy and motivation, to launch their sales career, to access excellent training opportunities, and to step forward into the world of high tech in Israel.

Nir began his sales career with face-to-face sales, and his move to TytoCare was the start of his career in the tech industry in Israel. He joined the TytoCare team in December 2021. He was instrumental in building the team and helping it grow, and as one of the senior team members was often involved in training newer additions to the team. With his infectious personality and charming smile, Nir spent his time at TytoCare building relationships with healthcare systems around the world.

Nir Forti’s legacy lives on through this inspiring initiative where TytoCare aims to nurture the next generation of sales professionals. The company’s commitment to honoring their colleague is a bold statement that underscores the strength of the Israeli business community in the face of adversity. To learn more about the Nir Forti Z’l  scholarship, visit this site.

The Salesclass scholarship is a testament to TytoCare’s strong values, reminding us all that even in the darkest moments, there is an opportunity for light to shine through. TytoCare has not only memorialized Nir Forti but has also given hope and purpose to those who will carry his torch forward in the world of sales in Israel.

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