Hiking the Israel Trail


My name is Nava Rosen. Just last week, I was released from the Israeli army after serving two years as a commander in the education unit. My job was to teach Judaism to soldiers who are in the conversion process.

I am writing to you from Mevo’ot Yericho, a small yeshuv of 25 families in the heart of the Jordan valley. I have spent the week here working in the date fields. I climb the trees with a machete in hand, and slice off the thorns at the top of the tree in order to prepare the tree to reward us with honey sweet dates. It’s a very ferocious way to express my love for this country.

From the top of my palm tree, I pause sometimes, look over at the sand dunes of emek hayarden, and I laugh. I laugh because I think about where I grew up and where I am now. I laugh because I am living my dream. I laugh because on top of this palm tree, I feel so far from my friends and family back home. How can I bring them into this dream? How can I get my family and friends to see this crazy life I live?I write to you in order to share with you my new dream, in hope that you, and my community back home can take part in it as well.

I am departing on a trek across Israel. My friend Yoella and I plan to hike from the shores of Eilat, all the way to the top of Mt. Hermon. I have learned about the land of Israel through stories, books, movies, and from living here, and now I will be learning about all sides of this land by foot Yama, kedmah, zafona, vanegba.


My dream is to share with you, my community, friends and family, the experience that I have as I cross this wonderful country. I want to tell you about the landscape that I see and the history of country where our forefathers walked. I want to tell you about the range of people that we meet along the journey. I hope to expose you to different types of life styles in Israel as we will be sleeping in different towns at night. I want to share with you my personal experience connecting to the beautiful nature of my country from the suns rays that wake me in the morning, to the the stars sparkle over my head by night.

My goal is to share with you a side of Israel that is not seen in todays media. I want you to be able to experience the peace and serenity that I feel when I walk through Israel.

In order to best bring to you our experience, my friend and I will be keeping a blog of our trek. I ask you please to publicize the blog where you feel is best.

Thank you,
Lots of love from Israel! Come soon, the magical dates are waiting for you….


About the Author
Nava is Canadian, now living in Israel. She moved to Israel within the last three and recently finished her full service in the IDF. Nava and her friend Yoella are currently completing the Israel Trail from South to North, and will document their experiences here.
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