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Crypto-Jewish descendant and researcher

Historic creation of the Latin American Jewish Alliance in Central America

The emerging community of Beit Shemaya ve Abtalion in Armenia, El Salvador hosted this historic event including the leaders of two other communities in El Salvador, Guatemala City, Oaxaca Mexico and Siguatepeque, Honduras. This initiative was the brain child of Genie Milgrom, Director of Anusim as well as Bonita Sussman, President of

The mission of this core group is to slowly build up an Alliance that will encompass communities from Mexico to Brazil.

With the assistance of Milgrom, the Alliance will create its own Board of Directors and exchange resources for growth, learning, and especially the sourcing of kosher food and meat. This will aid them to be seen and heard with one voice throughout the world.

These emerging communities, once united via this Alliance will have the strength and confidence to stand strong and take their place in the Jewish world.

We are certain that this initiative in Latin America will bring visibility to the communities allowing them to participate in more knowledge of education and Jewish ritual.

A few months ago, President Sussman also formed the Sub-Saharan Africa Jewish Alliance or SAJA with the same purpose. Our expectation as we spread these alliances throughout the isolated communities, is that they will no longer be fringe nor isolated.


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Genie Milgrom is a Crypto-Jewish Researcher, author and genealogist specializing in the bnei anusim ( Descendants of the Crypto Jews of the Iberian peninsula).
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