History Repeats Itself

My family and I just returned from Israel. The ongoing miracle of the Jewish people’s flourishing existence in our homeland was made so much more extra-ordinary, though, upon our return.

While there, Israeli media marked 70 years since the world recognized the Jewish people’s ancestral homeland. At that time, 70 years ago, Israel’s enemies began waging war after war, refusing to accept this reality.

In the decades since, we have witnessed this same enemy snuff out the lives of thousands more innocent Jewish men, women and children. Their guise of a false narrative, repeated enough to a world all too eager to make it their reality, has been consistently unmasked for the utter sham that it is. Anyone intellectually honest admits that this tragic fallacy has been allowed to go on for far too long.

On December 6, 2017, President Trump chose to side with the truths of 3000 years of documented history. He declared Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, an immovable historical fact. Indeed, over two decades ago both houses of Congress ratified this into US law.

In many ways, this declaration echoes the one made 70 years ago. It refutes blood-thirsty, senseless hate. Those who have threatened and perpetrated violence since the announcement, are simply continuing the same stale effort of trying to stamp out the truth at all costs.

This bold salute to the Jewish people and her homeland must be allowed to stand on its own historical merit, hailed for the refreshing repudiation of evil that it so powerfully demonstrates.

The entire Western world has become victim to the hideous goals of Israel’s proposed “peace partners” and their self-described brothers. This shift to the basic principles of justice and moral values, may serve well as a catalyst to a global reckoning with one simple question; Who is genuinely on the side of peace and who is, without fail, its real foe?

The Divine Providence is inescapable. As worldwide Jewry prepares to celebrate Chanukah, marking the re-dedication of Jerusalem and its Holy Temple 2000 years ago, the single most powerful nation ever known to mankind, directed as it is from The White House, issued a self-described “re-dedication” to the eternal truths of Jerusalem and the Jewish people.

Millions of Chanukah’s Menorah lights, representing the inextinguishable flame of G-d residing in each Jew, will be kindled in an act of re-dedication to our people, to Jerusalem and its Menorah. Their glow will assuredly be more brilliant this year, than any other experienced in recent history.

Ultimately, it will take the forging of these material and spiritual realities to usher in the promised era of our third Temple and the re-dedication of its holy Menorah, let us pray that it tarries no further and is allowed to happen in time for this Chanukah 5778.

About the Author
Ciment is Founding Rabbi of Chabad-Lubavitch of Greater Boynton Beis Menachem, a pioneering traditional Jewish presence in Central Palm Beach County, Florida established in 1994. Chabad's 5 acre, "Rae & Joseph Gann Campus for Living Judaism" serves hundreds of member families and services thousands of Jews from all walks of life.
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