How Can You Job Hunt and Interview for Jobs In Israel?

In today’s global and technologically advanced society, finding a job is not easy, no matter where in the world you may be living in. The adage you have probably heard time and time again “it’s not what you know but whom you know” is correct in Israel as it is anywhere else in the world. By using your connections through your friends, family, and previous colleagues, you can get a job much quicker than just applying for jobs online or answering posts on job boards. Unfortunately, not all of us have connections to hiring managers or senior figures at companies, what are we to do then? Fortunately, there are still several options available for you to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs in Israel.

Reach out to Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies

It is a recruiter’s professional job to screen job candidates, conduct background checks, receive references and interview candidates. If you are having difficulty finding a post on your own, you should not hesitate in using a job recruiter to assist you in finding a position. Recruiters and recruitment agencies are especially useful for immigrants to Israel who have no job prospects and connections and need extra help in finding a job in Israel’s job market. It is essential that you consider common mistakes people make when dealing with Israeli recruiters.

Look for Internships or Entry Level Positions

Internships are an excellent way for anyone to get his or her foot in the door at a company. Internships are also an excellent way to build up some relevant job experience before you try applying for more prominent roles at companies. It is absolutely imperative to remember that most internships are unpaid, meaning that you will be required to work for free for a specified period. This can be difficult for people who need a source of income to pay their bills. Fortunately, you can work at an internship during the day, and then have a second job or do freelancing during the evenings to help make ends meet.

Connect with the Company on Social Media

These days, many companies have an immense social following and are using it to connect with their customers, and from time to time use it to communicate with potential job prospects too. Companies want to hire people who are technologically savvy, and connecting with them on social media is a fantastic way of accomplishing this task. Many companies also buy twitter poll votes to help jump-start the interaction of their Twitter job questionnaire polls. Companies like it when they receive interaction with their social media posts, and if they see that their job posts have high engagement, then they are more likely to continue posting such posts.

Brush Up On Your Interview Skills

When you have eventually earned an interview, it is very, very important that you show up on time and have dressed professionally for the interview. You should aim for arriving at least ten minutes early. However, you should also know how to get to the interview before the day of the interview and budget for any traffic or transit delays; these things can happen when we least expect it! It is also crucial that you are smiling naturally and are positive during the interview because most interviewees are assessing whether you are a good fit for the company and do not want to hire someone who is negative. You should be confident, and look the interviewer in their eye when you are speaking.

In conclusion, applying for jobs and starting a new career in Israel is not as difficult as it may appear. Yes, it can be more difficult if you do not have any connections, but there are still other options. From using the help of a recruiter, applying for internships, connecting with companies on social media, and improving your interview skills you can significantly increase the chances of landing your dream job in Israel.

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