How Could The Oxford Michigan Attack Have Been Prevented?


‘We Have To Start Addressing How Somebody Like That Can So Easily Get Their Hands On A Weapon’

The above subheading appears in the following article

Living here in Israel, which is constantly being threatened by terrorist group Hamas, that is an easy question to answer. And it is interesting that I recently saw our previous Prime Minister at the same time we paid our respects to the family of Eliyahu David Kay, who was recently gunned down by a Hamas terrorist in Jerusalem’s Old City.

From my Blog about seeing Bibi at Eliyahu David Kay’s Shiva house published November 25-

I always wanted to personally thank Bibi for making the bold decision to ban those two US Squad members from entering Israel because their trip was being sponsored by Hamas supporter Miftah. But it was not appropriate to do so at the time. One of those Squad members represents my hometown in Congress and stood up after she was first elected to denounce Israel as an Apartheid State. If that were true, Eliyahu David Kay would most probably still be alive today because Israel would have banned his killer from entering our country.

Applying This To The Oxford High School Shooting – Where School Officials Should Have Banned The Shooter From Entering The Building Due To All The Warning Signs

Oxford High School is located on the outskirts of Detroit which, in part, is represented by the other Squad member I refer to in the above November 25 article.

From my previous Blog on November 22 as a memorial to Eliyahu Kay I wrote the following-

This link will take you to a video recently published by the Israel Ministry Of Foreign Affairs containing pictures of the scene where Eliyahu David Kay became a victim of a Hamas terrorist.

At just after the one minute mark in the link to a video shows a child being held by a Hamas supporter possibly his father holding a weapon.

The Oxford Shooter only had that weapon because of his parents.

The most important question is – why the parents would allow their child to have this gun?

Could they have been influenced in anyway by those squad members and their support of Hamas? If that is the case, why are those squad members still being allowed to remain in congress without being investigated?

It should be clear that having the squad and their supporters in\congress represents a real danger that similar attacks could occur in the near future. That is why it is a priority this investigation take place, especially since they are constantly speaking against America and the values upon which it was founded. Support for Hamas means they support Israel’s enemy.

My condolences go out to the families of the victims and all others who were affected by this terrible tragedy.

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