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How Hillel Fuld helps Israel’s start-up and innovation economy over chicken wings, chopped liver, steak and craft beer

If you want to stay connected and updated in the Israeli start-up scene, follow Hillel Fuld
Hillel Fuld at Jem's (screenshot: YouTube)
Hillel Fuld at Jem's (screenshot: YouTube)

Hillel Fuld has a very unique lens on Israel’s startup and innovation economy.

Right around lunch time on almost a daily basis, you can find Hillel sharing steak, chopped liver, chicken wings and craft beer connecting in a very unique way, with Israel’s startup and innovation ecosystem at a very cool restaurant and brew pub, Jem’s. That includes startups, investors, accelerators, and anyone who is interested in making the world of Israeli innovation flourish.

Jem’s is not exactly located in the trendiest part of Tel Aviv.

Actually, it’s located in an industrial park in Petah Tikva, near one of the companies that he advises, Inneractive, a mobile app monetization platform.

When you walk in the door, you know you’re in a special place. And Hillel adds to making it special by dining, listening, coaching and connecting the dots with those who want to share what they are up to with Hillel over lunch.

Be it marketing advice, tweaking a message, connecting two disparate teams, facilitating the closing of a financing round, and even helping gain global media coverage, Hillel does this simply out of his passion and love for Israeli startups.

In addition to holding court at Jem’s, Hillel mentors and lectures at Google’s TLV CampusMicrosoft Ventures’ Accelerator, the Interdisciplinary Center Business School, and other accelerators such as The Junction. Hillel is also helping the startup community in Jerusalem.

Most recently, Hillel has decided to focus his efforts on three exciting new startups. Zula, a company founded by VoIP pioneers Jeff Pulver and Jacob Ner David, and funded by OurCrowdKima Ventures, and Microsoft VenturesCuriyo, founded by Bob Rosenschein, who was the founder of Answers.com and who Hillel views as a role model and mentor. Curiyo was also backed by OurCrowd among other investors. Finally, Hillel will work with Umoove, a company who recently launched mobile face and eye tracking on mobile devices and which with the help of Hillel’s global reach combined with an amazing new technology, went viral by all definitions of the word.

As wired as Hillel may be, when Shabbat arrives, you’ll see a photo of him on his Facebook page proudly declaring that he’s going off the radar with “… no tweeting, pinging or ringing…” to be with his family. On other days of the week, you’ll see photos and videos of his children, and on almost Thursday night, he’ll post a photo of where he and his wife, Racheli, are going out for date night.

With the volume of startups and innovation coming out of Israel, Hillel is a good way to discover what’s new, what’s hot and what’s next. He is slowly becoming the address for anyone who wants a view into what is happening in the Israeli tech scene.

If you’re looking for a navigator to help you understand and discover Israel’s startup and innovation economy, you’d be well served to follow Hillel Fuld’s on-going narrative and content on his various social channels. Depending on what social platform you are engaged and subscribed to, you won’t miss a beat if you follow and listen to Hillel. He also views his absolute top priority as “being a mensch,” so he will respond to every one of the pitches/startups that approach him.

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