How is Israel coping with environmental challenges?

We live in times of dangerous change, with worse yet to come if we continue as usual, discharging excess greenhouse gases into the environment. Pollution continues to seize the atmosphere and the oceans. Undoubtedly, the world is changing, yet we have the power to stop it all.

Israel, for instance, tries hard to tackle significant environmental issues, such as water shortages and waste production and disposal. Israelis are preoccupied with the wellbeing and success of the nation, so they do everything possible to keep it safe, secure, and prosperous. There is plenty to glorify. In this article, we will explore what Israel is doing concerning the continued degradation of the environment.

What are the top environmental concerns for Israel?

Every other nation on the globe has its fair share of challenges. Israel, in particular, is highly likely to experience environmental issues due to its restricted space, steppe climate, and high population growth. Therefore, great attention is paid to the changes that take place in the environment. What are the top concerns for Israel? Let’s see, shall we?

Problem: Waste disposal

More than 90% of Israel’s solid waste is buried in landfills or left to rot in garbage dumps. It seems that the country has a hard time managing the increasing amounts of garbage. There are good systems in place, such as dumpster rental companies which get rid of the junk and protect the environment. The solid waste management system is similar to the one they have in Chicago. Chicago dumpster rental companies do a great deal for the overall health of the environment. Getting back on topic, garbage will take over Israel’s streets if something isn’t done.


Growing awareness about recycling and providing trash-separating receptacles for metal, plastic, paper, electronics, and so forth, can help. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that the disposal process has become more complex and this is all thanks to the political and social situation. Israel has started to transform trash into energy resources. UBQ, a startup company, has come up with a way to transform garbage into construction products.

Problem: Air pollution

Important cities, such as Tel Aviv, and Haifa, are battling air pollution. Problems arise due to industrial centers and automobile emissions. Motor vehicles have a significant impact on the quality of the air. More Israelis die because of air pollution than traffic accidents. This is the truth. What is more, an ever-increasing number of youngsters suffers from asthma.


The Environmental Protection Minister wants to discard diesel vehicles to reduce air pollution in the country. It’s willing to pay car owners to scrap their possessions or at least install a particulate filter. By 2030, Israelis will no longer be able to purchase diesel-powered vehicles. Additionally, industrial plants that could be a potential source of contamination, will be required to get emission permits. Such a move could place the country on the map of eco-innovation.

Problem: Dying of the Dead Sea

The water level of the Dead Sea has dropped and significantly decreased in size. What would happen if it died? Well, there will be very few freshwater lefts, which is a problem considering that most drinkable water is contaminated by sewage. The only consolation is represented by the fact that salinity is increasing, so evaporation will slow down at one point or another.


Israel can save the Dead Sea if it’s willing to cooperate with Jordan.  The two countries are dealing with never-before-seen water shortages and they need to unite their forces. Many say that the shrinking of the Dead Sea is merely a political problem. Only time will tell.

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