How many aspirins does it take?

Eight more days until “doomsday,” but who is counting? All I am counting is the number of aspirin tablets I take each day to keep me calm and in control of my thoughts and actions. This election campaign is the worst I have seen.

As Yair Lapid correctly put it “this is the filthiest political campaign in the history of Israel”.

Are there any names, accusations, defamations which the Likud leader has failed to use ?  We are under siege from terrorist attacks in the Gaza Strip and all our prime minister can do is to declare that Israel will retaliate with full force, something which to date it has failed to do.

Politicians and Knesset members from other factions have held him accountable for the problems with Hamas on our southern border. It is not just the recent behavior of a pre-occupied prime minister but it is a continuation of his weak policy, contradicting members of the high military command’s recommendations.

Every Israeli who has a brain that thinks clearly understands 100% that Netanyahu has put all of his energy into fighting the impending indictment which awaits him on three criminal charges .A fourth, the German submarine purchase and profit, is being examined by the Attorney General.

Since he is consumed with his own personal life and possible fate he has forgotten the citizens of Israel and their needs. It is like him to put himself first above the nation.  It can no longer be accepted nor tolerated.

If Likud should win the election on 9 April, God forbid, President Reuven Rivlin is, by law, not obligated to appoint him prime minister. The president can choose another candidate, one who can remain steady at the helm of government, rather than one who, after indictment and hearing will probably be found guilty and will await a prison sentence. Such a person is unworthy of serving as leader of our nation.

Thirteen years in office as prime minister reminds me of the prayer a father recites at the Bar Mitzvah of his son. “Baruch sheptorani mi onsho shel zeh”   blessed be He who releases me from the punishments of this one”.

I would prefer a prime minister who can serve a four year term without a sharing of a rotation in order to maintain the unity and policy of his political party. Benny Gantz is well qualified to be our next prime minister for the first two years while his colleague, Yair Lapid, serves as Foreign Minister.  After two years they will exchange roles.

We have not seen nor heard from Mrs. Gantz but we can be 100% certain that she will not be a domineering woman putting her nose where it doesn’t belong in decisions for the State. We have endured enough… too much…. of Sara Ben-Artzi Netanyahu, Bibi’s third and fiercest wife. The breezes of the Caesarean seashores await  their return…. Speedily !

Two aspirin tablets daily, one upon awakening and one before bedtime keeps my blood pressure from rising and makes sure that my heart retains its normal beats. Without them, my nerves would be unwanted headaches for me until 10 April when news of a change in government will be declared by the will of the people . Im yirtzeh Hashem.

As Netanyahu approaches the age of 70 he now has ample free time to commit his memoirs to paper. Without doubt, Noni Mozes, a “partner in crime” would be happy to publish them in serial form in YEDIOT.

And cousin Miliokowsky would gladly pay the sum for publication of Bibi’s memoirs. They will be full of historical facts, of his past brilliant achievements including his recent successes in befriending African nations and warming relations with leaders of Arab Moslem countries. No one else has ever succeeded.

His charm and his smile together with his perfect Boston cultured English have made him a welcome speaker even in remote corners of the world which have no diplomatic relations with Israel.

No one in good faith can criticize his achievements in world affairs but only to the detriments of his failure to correct problems at home.  Parts of south Tel-Aviv look like garbage heaps. Residents are afraid to walk the local streets at night. Crime goes unpunished. And all the while, Bibi is busy in Africa.

I have always put trust and hope in the sanity and clarity of mind of my fellow Israeli citizens. And this election will be no different. Hopefully they will be wise enough to make a wise and overdue change.

And while President Rivlin is not obligated to appoint Netanyahu as prime minister for the fourteenth time, I hope that he will keep it in mind when he chooses someone else to lead our nation with respect, dignity and honesty.

That having been said, how many more aspirin tablets do I need to take?

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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