Benjamin Anthony
Co-Founder & CEO, The MirYam Institute

How Many Dead Jews Do You Want?

Over the course of recent hours, close to 200 rockets have been fired toward the State of Israel from the Gaza Strip. As a consequence, the IDF should, must and will act to defend the Israeli people.

Rockets constitute merely one of the methods through which Hamas deploys terror against our country and it’s inhabitants.

In addition to those rockets, terror tunnels are excavated and built toward our towns, from Gaza, for the purposes of kidnapping our people, massacring our communities and murdering our men, women and children. And attempts by Hamas to infiltrate our borders from the sea are ongoing.

Such realities must be beaten back and repelled.

On a constant, unending basis, the members of the Israel Defense Forces prove themselves to be the single line of defense against such terror as it targets our peace loving citizens; whether those citizens be Jewish or non-Jewish, black or white, Arab, Israeli or Israeli Arab.

To our soldiers, it matters not the faith, creed or race of those they defend. All that matters is the inalienable right to life and to security that is common to all who they are sworn to protect.

Our defenders will prevail and will stand fast, for one reason above all.

They will prevail because they recognize that Hamas’s tools of terror are not deployed toward abstract areas or distant locations. These tools of terror target the very towns in which our soldiers grew up, the towns in which their mothers sleep, the towns in which their brothers and sisters play; the towns which are now under fire and which the soldiers of the IDF must defend, for if they do not do so, nobody else will.

World opinion can therefore be put in abeyance for now. Our people, our homes, and our country are under threat.

And so, while some in the international community and in the media may raise their voices to condemn the actions of our men and women in uniform, we who they defend will raise our voices to commend the actions of our soldiers.

We thank them for the sacrifices they make, the courage they display and the humanity by which they are guided in all that they do.

It is neither our soldiers nor our government who ought to have their morality questioned at times such as these.

Rather, it is those commentators and observers who speak ill of our deeds, who question our legitimacy and who relegate the spilling – or non spilling – of innocent, Israeli blood to nothing more than a barometer for analysis, who must have their immorality exposed, their double-standards challenged and their shameful biases condemned – publicly, relentlessly and with maximal force.

Let us never rest from the work of defending our soldiers, as they defend us, for the guardians of Israel neither slumber nor sleep as they protect the Jewish State and all of its inhabitants; in a manner in which we can all take the deepest pride.

.לא ינום ולא יישן שומר ישראל

Kadimah – Onwards!

We are with you.

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Benjamin Anthony is the Co-Founder & CEO of The MirYam Institute. He is an IDF combat veteran and a graduate of the University of Cambridge in the U.K. Follow the work of The MirYam Institute at www.MirYamInstitute.Org . Read Benjamin's Bio here: The MirYam Institute is the leading global forum for Israel focused dialogue, discussion and debate, and is the gold-standard for campus presentations and substantive Israel travel for elite graduate students, doctoral candidates and military cadets.
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