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How Our Connection Makes the World Better

The following is a special message from Michael Laitman for women from over a decade ago. At the time, we hadn’t developed the method of connection, and women had many less opportunities to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah than we do today. But apparently, the most important tool we have is our love and concern for others:

The upper force is good and benevolent, and works on us with a love without boundaries, eternal, and never-ceasing even for one moment. What is left up to us is to be discoverers, sensitive to that force of love that exists around us, that passes through us and fills all of reality, the entire world. To the extent that we will be able to awaken in ourselves sensitivity to this, to the extent that we will be able to awaken, to love, the entire world, people everywhere – we will feel how much the world reflects back on us by influencing us from all sides. We will feel love.

Granted today it does not appear to be like this, but let us believe in those that have arrived at this eternal, universal love. Our current feeling is simply due to the fact that we have never tried to awaken all our strength to love the world. And the awakening to this must come from the woman. She is the force holding the world together, continuing the world – that gives birth to a new world every single day. And the force of birth is the force of love. And the enduring force in the world is love. So it is most appropriate that a woman begin the correction of the world by showing how through love, we present and raise everything to the level of eternity and perfection.

We have discussed not being able to receive pleasure from only filling ourselves, because the more we receive, the more we immediately neutralize the desire and stop receiving pleasure. And we have proof of this in every aspect of our lives; that all pleasures come to an end. This requires our running after new pleasures in order to feel pleasure in every moment; that is called feeling life. And only in love where I am thinking about those that I love, and yearn for those that I love, and fill those that I love; only through this can I feel eternal fulfillment, eternal happiness, and perpetual tranquility.

I am very pleased that I attempted to convey something that belongs to the woman’s soul, and sincerely hope that I succeeded even in the slightest manner. I look forward to your comments, questions and suggestions about what you would like to hear about from me in the future.

With all my love,
Michael Laitman

In a women’s lesson given today by Kabbalist Michael Laitman, we learned how our (female) concern has the power to unite the nation, and the world. In a nutshell, if we make efforts to connect, we will forge a path for the upper light to spread throughout the world. All the hate toward Israel and anti-Semitism is being revealed from Ein Od Milvado for only one purpose – so we will connect. This is the supreme concern – unification of the people.

If a woman is concerned about something, she makes it happen. As students of the wisdom of Kabbalah, we know it’s only the upper force causing all this hatred toward Israel. It’s all Ein Od Milvado. So let’s provide the right reaction, since these things are only happening to force us to connect and be as one. This is why the Creator is applying pressure to the nations; to pressure us to carry out our mission.

Baal HaSulam writes that we lost our connection 2000 years ago, with the destruction of the Temple, so we went out to Galut. Since we do not really belong to one another, we dispersed to all directions of the Earth.

We must understand that we came here to this land to connect, but we’re not prepared to do this. We are only brothers in times of distress, and even then we don’t feel like a nation, but rather just a group that happens to be hated together.

Baal HaSulam, Newspaper “The Nation”
“We are like a pile of nuts, united into a single body from the outside by a sack that envelops and unites them. Their measure of unity does not make them a united body, and each movement applied to the sack produces in them tumult and separation. Thus, they consistently arrive at new unions and partial aggregations.

The Need for The Method of Connection

Humanity is disintegrating before the end of correction; we can feel the lack of connection in the nations. The law of nature is obligating us, as the Kabbalists have written very decisively throughout the ages. This is how nature operates, and it’s our mission to provide this example of unification. It’s a condition that comes from nature. All the forces of nature are pushing us to this, to sense that we’re all one.

Rav Kook, Israel’s Vocation and Its Nationalism
Only when the Torah is exercised in Israel will complete peace and faithful love come, and the pure feeling of recognizing the brotherhood between people will develop… When that development is completed within us, at a degree that merits being a role model to many, all the nations will recognize it, and the blessing of peace will begin to dwell in the world…

The Creator will force us through events, but we can prepare in advance so we won’t have to experience the obligating forces from nature. Forces of nature operate harshly and aggressively.

A woman’s concern for unification can soften the process, and help us get to the right state quickly and easily.

Each day we see from nature how we’re living in a single, global, integral system. We see that there are no exceptions; it’s all one law; one system; only 10 sefirot. So we need to grasp that this unity is mandatory. We need to implement it among us to integrate with nature, so we will reveal the upper force. In this way we will transition from being tied to corporeal laws, to being tied spiritual laws. Then we can rise above the sensation of this world, to the next. It all depends on rising to our mutual connection.

Since we are the largest group in the world studying Kabbalah, and connected to correction, we need to be a pipeline to the world. So that through us, the light will influence all the nations, and they will know how to connect and fill this world with a high force.

We are in this special generation to fulfill our mission. We have been given an opportunity to act, and fulfill our special destiny.

Only through learning Kabbalah do we get in touch with the light that connects us, so we can be corrected. We need to be connected to all of Israel, all of humanity, and be a light unto the nations. As it is written in the Zohar, it is only if we hold the source – the wisdom of Kabbalah. We must be connected to our spiritual source, the wisdom of Kabbalah, and also widen the circles for the whole word.

We see many forces in the world. The only thing missing, is for them to connect properly. The world can thrive with the right connection. We’re not missing anything, except the right connection.

The condition for our existence is connection. All the forces of nature are directed at us, only for us to connect.

Maor VaShemesh, Devarim
It is known that the most important is the true connection among the friends. This causes all the salvations and the sweetening of the judgments. When you gather together in love, brotherhood, and friendship. By this, all the judgments are removed and sweetened with mercy, and through the connection, complete mercy and revealed kindness are revealed in the world.

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