How real is Fauda?

I hate to be a sheep, as well as people “should-ing” on me, and normally, I ignore what people tell me I must do, yet with so many friends and family telling me I should watch Netflix’s hugely popular series, FAUDA, I listened. And yes, I am now hooked.

FAUDA (the Arabic word for chaos), is indeed a chaotic, tense, and totally dramatic TV drama series based around a secret Israeli counter-terrorist unit.

Of course, like most people, I have no genuine idea as to how a group like this goes about its job. The series, gives me an idea, often with an open mouth, at the cold-bloodedness, the courage, the boldness shown by this unit.

What the events of the show give us is compelling, edge of the seat drama, but to me and I’m sure to many, perhaps an insight into what the Israeli security services have to do and the lengths they go to, to protect the country. Or does it?

How realistic are these operations, how fearless are the members of the unit, how indomitable is their spirit, how skilled are they, how tough are they…….really?

Coincidentally, I was recently asked to host a one-off exclusive screening of The Real FAUDA (on Sunday 24th October) at Everyman Cinema Maida Vale, a film based on the hugely successful series, and one that will hopefully shed light on the authenticity of the show.

Filming Fauda

The writers and directors are Oren Rosenfeld of Holy Land Productions & Jane Corbin of BBC Panorama fame, and, whom this Sunday will be at the aforementioned one-off screening to answer my questions as well as those of the viewing audience.

First of all, some facts I was surprised to hear.

The movie The Real FAUDA was made for BBC Arabic. Why? Because Fauda is hugely popular in Arab countries and none more so than in the Palestinian territories. This is the first thing that’s amazing, that an Israeli programme is so popular with the people who are sadly, sworn enemies.

The next thing is that the stuntmen and actors who play the counter-terrorists were themselves former soldiers within the unit. Talk about reliving their past.

Palestinian militants carrying pistols and M16 rifles in refugee camps were interviewed by Israeli director Oren, and yes, they also watch Fauda. I have to say, that for me (who has a brand called Cojones meaning ‘balls’), I admire Oren’s courage to put himself in danger with the aim of making this movie.

Some of the Fauda stars

Oren himself also met with Zakaria Zubeidi, formerly on Israel’s most wanted list. A man who has personally survived a number of assassination attempts by the unit that Fauda is based on. He’s watched it and says it is very realistic.

So, what we have is a series that so many people are into, particularly the Arab world, the actors who themselves were soldiers in the units, and known former terrorists who watch the show and applaud its authenticity. All I can say is WOW.

I’ve not seen The Real FAUDA, but I have to say that whilst watching Fauda the Netflix series, the questions I myself, have pondered as well as others about the show, seem likely to be answered by this fascinating insight into the reality of the programme.

I genuinely can’t wait to see the film, The Real Fauda, and yes, to find out more from the directors, Jane & Oren about their experience in the making of it.

And, knowing the programme is so popular with everyone from all sides, may be, just may be, there could actually be some common ground between two peoples who normally fail to find any.

This one-off screening of The Real FAUDA, along with the live interview of the directors (Panorama’s Jane Corbin & Oren Rosenfeld) + audience Q & A, is at Everyman Cinema, Maida Vale, this Sunday 24th June at 5 – 7pm.

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