How the Israeli left created two artificial camps

Since 2019 we have been in 4 different elections. With the dramatic announcement of Bennett and Lapid two days ago about the end of the current coalition, it looks as if, at the moment, we will be in a fifth one next October (the fifth in 3 years), and if the results are similar to the other 4, there is no guarantee we won’t have a sixth in 2023.

How did we got into this mess? Well, that’s because the hard ideological left (the attorney’s office, the press, the entertainment world, for the most part, the academia and senior officers in the security apparatus), has done its best to separate the Yisraeli public into two completely made up and artificial camps: The anti-Bibis, and the Bibis (Bibistim it’s pronounced in Hebrew). By Bibi, I mean, of course, former Prime Minister and central figure of the political right, Binyamin Netanyahu.

With a non-stop propaganda 24/7, the press makes it clear that the public has only two choices. Either they vote for the Bibi camp or against it.

If you take all the parties that claim to come from the Ideological right, Likkud, Yamina, A New Hope, Yisrael Beiteinou, Shass, Yehadut Hatorah and The Religious Zionist party, and you add to this Blue and White of Benny Gantz which has some MK’s who were in the Likkud, you end up with 80 seats, on 120, a VERY clear majority proving the people are definitely to the right. On the opposite side, if you take out the Arab parties from the equation, you get 30 seats for the center-left and left of it.

If you do the equation, 80 on 110 (taking the Arab parties out), means that about 72 percent of the Jewish public is center-right and right of it while only 28% are center-left and left of it. Yet, the policies of the left always end up being applied, how is that even possible with such numbers?

To start to understand this, we must consider the place of the courts in the Israeli landscape. Unlike other democratic countries where the court’s job is: uphold and and give its interpretation of the constitution (or in the case of Yisrael that has none, the basic laws), the Supreme Court here acts as the ideological arm of the left.

Of course, everyone on the left vehemently denies this, but it is pretty much an open secret.

I feel I must stop a moment and clarify a point that is widely misunderstood outside of Yisrael and yet is crucial to get. What is right and left in Yisraeli politics. It is important to understand because when people use extreme-right to describe people like Itamar Ben-Gvir, they know how the term is understood in the Western Hemisphere (ultra nationalism, anti immigration, racism, Neo-nazi views, etc…) and the left, by not clarifying what left and right mean in Yisrael, purposely let these concepts being applied to people who couldn’t be further from them, just for a cheap political low-blow.

Unlike other countries where left and right include a wide range of economic and social differences, here in Yisrael the left and right are MAINLY separated on the issue of the creation of a Palestinian state, yes or no and that’s pretty much it. The more you are to the left, the more you want to give, including separating Jerusalem, and the more you are on the right and the less you want to give. It’s as simple as that.

It has nothing to do with racism, nor immigration (everyone here welcomes new immigrants) and there is no way anyone here would support disgusting groups like the KKK or neo-nazis nor does it have to do with ‘white supremacy’ as most Jews of middle eastern ancestry, like Ben-Gvir, are on the right.

Of course there are deeper reasons for people to be on the right or left in Yisrael. To have a Jewish State is a religious obligation so obviously, more religious people or those who have a strong connection to the Torah will tend to be more on the right and Jews with middle eastern ancestry have a less favorable view of Islam and Muslims (given that they know them better) and thus, are less inclined to want the creation of another Muslim state just next to us.

Yes, so I felt it was necessary to clarify that point for anyone who talks about Yisraeli politics and want to understand what is the main ideological difference and not make the mistake of misjudging the situation. Back to our main point.

The Supreme Court and the office of the Attorney General have here powers that exceed those of similar institutions in other western countries. In a normal, democratic country, the Attorney General counsels the government. Here his word is pretty much law and the Supreme Court will almost always back him up. The Supreme Court itself can cancel laws that already have been applied, something unthinkable in a country where the representatives of the people are, as it should be in a normal democracy, the supreme authority. In the last elections, the Supreme Court was asked by the anti-Bibi camp to rule that someone indicted for a crime cannot form a government and while the court refused to meddle (to their credit it must be said), they still said FOR NOW, implying that they do not entirely push back the idea.

I ask you readers. Can a country be a democracy if the Supreme Court (a body of people not elected by the masses) think they have the right to decide who can form a political coalition? The very idea would be laughed at in any normal democratic country, yet here it’s a reality, proving that Yisrael is not a democracy as much as it is a judicial dictatorship.

Which brings us to our current situation. Given that the courts have powers that well excel those of a normal democracy and many people in the judiciary having had their diplomas from known bastions of leftist activism, College Campuses and Universities, it is no surprise that the Judicial branch does everything it can to force out too popular right wing politicians or to slap someone with indictments which they hope will weaken and divide the right.

Most of the time they fail, because they have to keep the appearance of democracy so they don’t dare go too far and as I’ve shown the numbers (and they are accurate) the right has an overwhelming advantage.

However this time around, something has changed which has permitted the unholy union of right wings parties with an Arab party representing the muslim brotherhood.

Many people on the right are sick and tired of Bibi and those disgruntled voices have formed parties that have (contrarily to their vehement promises pre-elections) agreed to go with the other side as long as it screws Netanyahu.

No, they haven’t jumped ship for ideological reasons, but simply because they thought they had more chances to be in a position of power that way. On this, I must say with an open heart that Netanyahu is 100% to blame.

He has become too accustomed to the big chair and has sabotaged every chance of others to the top like Bennett or Gideon Saar.

From his point of view that was a smart and successful move, but on the bigger picture, that was a tragic strategic mistake as he has left only himself as the main figure that could bring the right to power and thus he made himself the prime target of the left and his right wing political opponents understood that once he’s gone, no one can stop their ambitions.

Personally, I think that in a healthy democracy, someone should not be at the top for too long, that is why I see the American Law of no more than two terms for a president as one that should absolutely be implemented here for a Prime Minister.

Also, Bibi has over and over and over again double crossed people he promised a post to get what he wants, turning his back on them right after which has developed a deep, deep, DEEP mistrust of other politicians for him and that is one of the main reason why Saar and Bennett just do not believe Netanyahu’s promises.

On the left, especially from some extreme left journalists, there is an almost pathological Bibi Derangement Syndrome (or BDS) that is not unlike the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and just like their American counterparts, the Israeli left has turned to indictment to make sure Netanyahu can’t come back on the political stage and whoever dares go to his side is an enemy of democracy and the courts and is an extremist and a racist. If that sounds familiar, it’s simply because the anti-Trumpers have used the EXACT SAME TACTICS.

This judicial witch hunt coupled with the disgruntled voices of the likes of Lieberman, Saar and Bennett have been used by the left and the press to form these made up camps that run contrary to the Yisraeli political landscape, the Anti-Bibi camp and the Pro-Bibi camp.

All the sudden, if you agree to go in a coalition with Netanyahu, you agree to go with a felon who is indicted criminally (shame on you), you support an attack on the Israeli democracy and want to destroy the courts who ‘protect’ the democratic process. Intense pressure has been applied to Bennett and Saar to jump the ship and given their animosity towards Netanyahu. It worked. Not be with him, they agreed to an unholy union with Meretz and Mansour Abbas.

Basically, the left knew that given the numbers, they’d never get back in power so they used judicial means to keep the right divided thus making sure a united right cannot come back to power.

What now you might ask?

I personally never trusted Naftali Bennett and I must admit the pretty Ayelet Shaked very much disappointed me by agreeing to the current coalition.

I think given that Saar and Bennett spat in the faces of their voters by swearing upon the grave of their forefathers (not really lol) they’d never be in a coalition with anti-Zionist parties and doing just that after the elections, only a sucker would vote from them again, and sadly, many Israelis are incapable of learning from past experiences and are more than willing to make the same mistakes again and again.

The trap must be diffused. Obviously, the main contention point is Netanyahu. Why the left wants him out of the way is pretty obvious. He is extremely successful on the international stage. Has done peace deals with Arab countries while not creating a ‘Palestinian’ state, thus destroying the left’s eternal argument of ‘land for peace’ and rendering the left pretty much irrelevant. They will never forgive him for exposing how phony they really are and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the American left with Trump, it’s that they are rabidly vindictive.

If Netanyahu was not to run in the coming election, which is what the left hopes, there isn’t a figure charismatic enough to unite everyone and with a fragmented right, we’d be in the very same situation we are today. It’s not to be in power like at the time of Rabin, sure, but things have changed very much since and the leftist parties know that this is the best they can get.

To hope that Bennett or Saar will have learned from the error of their ways? Not really and if they get voted back in, it will just be a proof for them they can screw their voters over and have the suckers voting for them again without consequences.

At this point, the solution MUST come from Bibi himself.

To step down now would be a mistake as, thanks to him, there is no other figure in the right that could hold it together, and as I have said, it is 100% his fault.

He must announce that this is his last stint, no matter what.

Be it that he succeeds in forming an alternative coalition without the need of new elections, or that he runs for it in October (or beginning of November), he must make it clear that he will not run again after that and since he’s not known for keeping his word, give judicial and financial assurances that it will be so no matter what, even if we are in the middle of a war with Iran.

He must (preferably before the upcoming elections) agree for internal Likkud election where a new leader is chosen, if it’s promised that he’ll stay Prime Minister till the end of his mandate, which will give time to the new leader to prepare himself for the elections after that (hopefully in 4 years and not less).

I call to Bibi to agree to this not in words only and then do everything in his power to fail a possible successor, but to learn from his past mistakes and make sure he stops alienating people.

This way the right wing parties who pretend to not join the right coalition because of Bibi (when we know why they really do it) will be very hard pressed by their base to join back a likkud-led coalition now that they will see they do have a shot to be back in the game without the need to depend on the Arabs and the extreme-left for that.

I call on Bibi to not make the same mistake again.

There’s a saying:
What is insanity?
To do the same thing over and over again and each time to expect a different outcome.

I believe Benjamin Netanyahu is not insane nor stupid.

Bibi, you have been given a unique chance this time now that Bennett and Saar have shown their cards to their shocked voters. Do not waste it in petty ego trip and the desire to sit in the big chair at all cost.

Do run but make sure it’s the last time, and give credible assurances.

Do not go and make a coalition with Ra’am or Meretz. Do not stab your voters in the back like Bennett did.

Make ‘Am Yisrael strong and withstand the pressure from the unhinged press who would like nothing more to see the right destroyed and a cursed so-called Palestinian state being created on the land Our Lord gave us as an eternal alliance.

Be strong and do not falter, but be straight and stand by what you promised your voters because a man without his word is nothing.

About the Author
I was born in France and grew up in Montreal, Canada. I made Aliyah at age 21, out of Zionism and the deep religious feeling that my place is here, in Eretz Yisrael.
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