How the pandemic of COVID19 ended the stereotypes of our societies

It has been written plenty of times by many writers, journalists and public opinion makers that the pandemic of COVID 19 will alter the basic notions of our societal , financial and of course personal existence.

In terms of society the need of solidarity and co-existence has returned at the cornerstone of our ethical system along with the protection of our welfare state that was under attack the previous years. In addition , in the financial aspect of the crisis new ways of financial interacting , the implementation of long-distant methods in the working industry along with the education are some of the new characteristics that are starting to take shape in the post-quarantine period that we are starting to live.

Ηοwever, one of the most interesting facts during the COVID19 pandemic and the way the countries dealt with the high demands in the field of the emergencies departments and the public health system is that nations that were stereotyped by the Media and the global public discourse for decades as nations and societies with a non-professional attitude and with a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern way of dealing with the issues that they arise in the watch. Countries, with societies that they do not abide by the law and they do not act a collective mechanism, during crises. The statistics of the World Health Organization signal a different message: Israel for example was one the leading forces in the way the State in cooperation with the society dealt with the pandemic emergency. The implementation of a strict quarantine was respected by the majority of the population that does not have the stereotyped characteristics of the North European. At the same during this emergency period, the academic community along with the private sector in the field of medicine established a cooperation dynamic that will enable them to produce results in the field of COVID19 even sooner from other countries that have longstanding tradition in the field of the cross-dimension cooperation between the Academic community and the entrepreneurship On the contrary nations that were the champions of scientific evolution , of societal cooperation , and political leadership such us the United States of America are losing their global moral leadership role by the way their Government has dealt with the pandemic.

Let’s hope that the end of the quarantine will signal and the end of the worldwide stereotypes that generate disparities and obstacles in the cooperation among the nations and the societies.

Israel showed the way. It’s the first time in our modern history that the big players of worldwide area have to follow the paradigm that was set by the ‘’different guys’’ of the block.

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Chris graduated from the University of Panteion with a bachelors in sociology, and earned an MSc in Media , Culture and Society at the University of Essex. He was a trainee at Thomson Reuters, and worked at various news websites, such as Huffington Post Greek edition, Hurriyet Daily news and others.
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