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How to Be a Jew Today? Following October 7th

At Mensch World, our goal is simple: Become the Best You and spread joy and positivity.' How to Be a Jew Today' - A New Self-Help Book for Jewish Identity! Launching August 8th 2024

On October 7, Hamas terrorists waged the deadliest attack on Jews since the Holocaust—slaughtering babies, raping women, burning whole families alive, and taking hundreds of innocent civilians hostage.

Since then, more than 1,200 Israelis have been killed, and the entire Jewish world is traumatized.

Israelis lost hope.

Despite growing up in Israel and witnessing firsthand the horror, including the tragic loss of my best friend, Yuval Regev, in a suicide bombing on April 9, 1995, I was never taught to hate the Arabs; they are our neighbors. I always had hope for peace. But on October 7, everything changed.

On the night of October 6, I had a vivid dream. I saw a group of people invading my sanctuary, stripping my tree of its precious fruits. I screamed and pleaded, but they continued, eventually uprooting the tree itself. The hole they left behind felt like a void in my very soul.

When I woke up on October 7, I rushed to my window, finding my tree still standing tall and strong. When I told my husband about my dream, he said, “You’re describing what’s happening in Israel today. Hamas is entering people’s homes and taking lives.”

My Grapefruit Tree

In the wake of these events, my husband and I had different coping mechanisms. For months, he watched the news constantly, absorbing every new detail. I couldn’t do it. I chose the path of focusing on what we can do.

Fighting on social media was not an option, so I focused on what actions we can take to become emotionally stronger in the face of rising antisemitism.

This focus led me to write How to Be a Jew Today: Middot & Mitzvot: Think, Say, Do – Becoming the Best You, launching on August 8. This book is a call to action, a transformative two-part series designed to empower Jewish children and teens through practical lessons on virtues and commandments.

This is how all Israelis are connected. Paraphrasing Yehuda HaLevi’s poem, I may be here in the West, but my heart is in the East. I might be here, in the United States, but my heart is in Israel.

That dream wasn’t just a figment of my imagination; it mirrored the harsh realities faced by my fellow Israelis. October 7 was the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust, a painful fact that, as an Israeli, I can’t escape, even in my dreams.

In the waking world, my grapefruit tree continues to stand tall, a symbol of resilience, hope, and the unwavering spirit that defines us. It teaches me that, even in the face of adversity, life finds a way to prevail.

My experiences as an educator teaching middot (virtues) and mitzvot (commandments) at HaMakom temple to my fourth-grade students have been particularly illuminating.

Watching these children, who once radiated joy and curiosity, become lost and fearful after October 7th, was heartbreaking. This pivotal moment crystallized for me the urgent need for a practical guide to help them—and all Jewish youth—navigate their identity in these trying times.

How do we stay resilient in the face of hatred?


How do we maintain our identity and values amid adversity?

These questions drove me to write this book-set.

In the quiet rustle of leaves, a tree shares a timeless message: Beyond nightmares, resilience prevails, and the promise of hope is evergreen.

How to Be a Jew Today is not just an educational resource; it is a beacon of light, guiding our youth towards a confident and proud Jewish identity. By grounding them in the traditions of our ancestors and the wisdom of historical Jewish leaders, this book encourages critical thinking and engagement with our heritage, fostering a resilient spirit.

Beyond the nightmare, the tree continued its journey, blooming despite the scars. Its story resonated with Israel’s ongoing struggle for peace amid external challenges.

Just as the grapefruit tree endured, Israel stands strong, a testament to the indomitable spirit of its people. Finding inspiration in its ability to weather storms and continue bearing fruit, may it serve as a reminder that even in the darkest nights, there is a promise of a new dawn—a dawn filled with abundance, shared joy, and the unwavering spirit of hope.

In the quiet rustle of leaves, a tree shares a timeless message: Beyond nightmares, resilience prevails, and the promise of hope is evergreen. Am Israel Chai.

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As a Jewish educator for over 28 years, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges our students and teachers face today. This book simplifies Jewish education and makes it engaging and fun, reducing stress for teachers and students alike.

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“I can’t wait to get this important resource and guide for purposeful Jewish living into the hands of teachers and students!” – Rabbi Elissa Ben-Naim

“Rabbi Yakira is on the cutting edge of using positive psychology to show how being Jewish can help young adults live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.” – Rabbi Adam Schaffer

“Yakira Yedidia has created a curriculum that demands of students not only learning and reflection but implementation! The book is replete with graphics that sparkle on every page, and guided questions that help students to consider how Jewish values and practices can become a daily part of one’s life. One can only emerge from a semester or two of working through this material as a more educated individual and a better person!” – Rabbi David Vorspan

“I wish that these books existed when I was a child. The course offers such a positive impact on growing up, self-esteem, and ways to become full, compassionate, and independent adults in the world. It demonstrates how our amazing heritage can have a huge and good influence on our ways of being and our sense of belonging, which should strengthen ties of humanity. This book offers easy-to-implement learning set within Mussar, an ancient ethic of psychology and behavior, and while this book is aimed at young people, it can definitely be used by adults. It is never too late to work on self-improvement, the cornerstone of Jewish thought. An inspirational ‘self-help’ book that puts the Cool into Jew! I would recommend it for all.” – Dr. Harrie Cedar

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