How to Change a Pandemic to a Panic

Israelis line up outside Rami Levy supermarket in Ashdod on March 14, 2020. Photo by Flash90 *** Local Caption *** ריק
רמי לוי
Panic Buying (Courtesy Times Of Israel)

In the last few days, news outlets in the US have been full of reports of the latest 2020 Democratic debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Held without an audience, the coronavirus outbreak was a major issue.

Many agencies, governmental and independent, are advising us not to panic. Top of the list for actions against panic is to stay away from social media and the latest news. A quick Google search for ‘coronavirus panic’ brings up no less than 365,000,000 results. I have to confess that I did not look at all of them, but here are a few examples.

Dem Candidates Debate Amid Coronavirus Outbreak appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show. By coincidence, if we remove the Dem from Pandemic, we are left with Panic.

The UK’s Telegraph had some less than reassuring headlines.
Deathbed goodbyes should be done over Skype, says new NHS coronavirus guidance
But don’t panic!

Government’s hopeful scenario that only 20,000 people will die from coronavirus
But don’t panic!

There was not much cheer to be had from The Times of Israel.
IDF, going on war footing to fight virus, expects crisis could last up to a year
But don’t panic!

In the US, the Guardian reported, people were not taking any chances. Sales of guns and ammunition soar amid coronavirus panic buying. There was big demand for AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifles.

Can you shoot a virus, or have they found a better way to way to deal with people tested positive?

In any case, guns come second, after car accidents, as the most common killer of children in the US. For those aged 14 to 17, guns are the highest cause of death.
But don’t panic!

In Grimsby, UK
Entire aisles of Tesco were emptied in Grimsby as coronavirus panic buying hits supermarkets. The Grimsby Telegraph website shows dozens of pictures of empty shelves, nothing to buy anywhere.
But don’t panic!

And in the UK, supermarkets have just started rationing.
Although Britons have been told to buy “as they would normally”, supermarkets have are started rationing grocery products. From today, shoppers will be restricted to a maximum of three of any grocery product and a maximum of two for items such as toilet rolls, soap and UHT milk.
But don’t panic!

Usually, I hope that my blogs will reach a wide audience. Today, not wishing to add to the growing panic, I hope that nobody reads this.

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