How to Fly Real Sweet Just Like the Elite

I’d consider myself financially okay. I have the basics covered, am blessed to be able to save money for rainy days, and am periodically able to donate to causes. But that’s about it though. As grateful as I am for what I do have, I can’t quite afford to do things which (I for one) consider more elite. Things such as vacations to tropical destinations; owning collections of haute couture apparel/accessories; owning multiple luxury sports cars- you get the drift. I’m totally okay with it though, cause again, my simpleton mind is beyond happy to have the basics handsomely covered. But I’d be damned if I didn’t admit that I periodically entertain the thought of doing things that are typically reserved for the rich and famous.

It is worth noting that we’re living in some pretty good times now, which would enable us to experience a taste of the luxury lifestyle without necessarily breaking the bank. From inexpensive group vacation packages, to designer clothing rental services, to luxury car leasing options- I mean- there are ways to get around things to still enjoy the fruits of the high life. Would I commit to these things? Eh, I mean, maybe some of them, but I’d have to give it a lot of thought first.

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Change in Demands

It goes without saying that priorities are shifting real fast. Especially with gen x’ers, millennials, and soon centennials taking over. The retailpocalpse is a thing because the big spenders of this generation are opting for cost-effectiveness and convenience. Fast food places are closing down, (or making renovations and menu changes at lightning speed,) because the market they are targeting is opting for more personal, intimate, and elite experiences.

This applies to most all industries actually- they need to make adjustments to be able to offer their target markets a combination of cost-effectiveness and convenience, while also offering an experience that is personal, intimate, and elite. It’s a tough call for older companies, and opens up a series of glittering opportunities for new ones.

Experiencing Flewber for the first time

One new company which beautifully managed to check all those boxes is Flewber. Overly-simply put, Flewber is a ride sharing air taxi service which offers “private flights priced for everyone.” They are offering flights in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and Washington DC. In a matter of months, it will expand to include Florida, Texas, California, Washington State, and Illinois. Flights can be booked in under a minute using their iOS/Android app (launching soon!) and comes with a set of perks for the flat rate of $600/seat round trip, or $350 one-way. These perks include a ride to the private airport, rest and relaxation in their fancy-yet-cozy business lounge, and no TSA. Okay, let me say it again a little louder for the people in the back: NO TSA! Flewber has its own security protocol, and it is short, sweet, and not invasive.

The image below shows how the process works.

Taken from the Flewber website

The Flewber Experience


My friend Ari Zoldan, media personality and CEO of Quantum Media, gave me a unique offer I simply couldn’t refuse: to join him in enjoying a private jet experience, courtesy of Flewber, on a flight from NY to Boston and back. Heck yes- I cleared my schedule and accepted.

Listen to Marc Sellouk Speak

Once I got to the airport, I was surprised to learn that there are countless private jet airports, and smaller public-use airports that most people don’t even know of. The big airports we usually go to- they are needlessly oversaturated. The airport and lounge I was in was clean, service was personal, and truthfully speaking I felt right at home being there and learning more about the service from Flewber CEO Marc Sellouk. Ari and I were also joined by rapper Tommy Rowland, known professionally as Rowlan.

Farhana Rahman and Marc Sellouk, CEO Flewber

Marc was born and raised in NY, and visits Israel at least once every year. He launched Flewber to combine his lifelong passion for aviation with the business experience he gained founding a telecom company, Transbeam, as a 20-year-old college student. After more than two decades of building Transbeam into a $25 million operation, he successfully sold the company and pursued his dream of becoming a pilot. Marc credits his success to his determination, commitment and love of overcoming a challenge, and of course the support of his dedicated partners and team members. And the cherry on top? He’s such a great guy! Marc personally greeted and conversed extensively with us, and introduced us to the pilots of the turboprop aircraft we were about to board.

As we boarded, I automatically understood the appeal of the private jet experience. No one was rushing us to enter. Unlike the small airbuses, I was able to just stroll into the aircraft without feeling congested. Then I sat. Wow so much space! There was excess space to my left, right, in front of me, above me- wow! The seats were akin to the seats I see in first class or business class on large commercial aircrafts. I had my things around me, and still had room to spare while stretching. The pilots made their way past me and got started. I was lowkey geeking out at that point, but kept my cool.

Ari Zoldan and Farhana Rahman

Interestingly enough, what I seemed to enjoy most was the quality time that came with being on a private flight. Since it was only a few of us, we were cracking jokes and having hard belly laughs as we desired. Not possible on economy seats. The aircraft had a toilet in the back, as well as curtains for privacy if/when needed.

Ari Zoldan, Farhana Rahman, Rowlan, and additional team members on board the flight.

We landed in Norwood Memorial Airport, which I hadn’t previously heard of, and the pilots were very sweet in escorting us out. The lounge had coffee, fresh popcorn, magazines, and a very cozy vibe overall. Ari and I ended up going to a nearby place to grab desserts while Rowlan went on his way to get started on his homecoming show, which ended up being super successful. Once the pilots finished refueling and setting things up, they let me and Ari know that we can start at any time. Again, there was no rush at all. We relaxed a bit, then started heading back to NY.

Is Flewber for Everyone?

Flewber is marketed as “an air taxi service that is designed to accommodate passengers of all income levels, not just the elite.” Yes, I completely agree. Business trips aside- this experience is one heck of a way to elevate vacations to nearby destinations. It’s a taste of luxury that costs just a little more than commercial flights, yet way less than traditional costs associated with the jet-setting lifestyle.

With one of the pilots

I’m cringing as I type this- but it’s also very Instagrammable, if you’re into that sort of thing. And there’s a lot of great selfie potential that comes with the natural lighting and great views from the aircraft. It’s a dream come true for vloggers as well.

I see myself using Flewber to treat my husband for his birthday, our anniversary, and major milestones. I can see businesses using it to impress associates or to treat high-performing team members for a job well done. And I know some people that would absolutely use Flewber more frequently for their regular travels, mainly for the convenience, and not having to worry about TSA.

While there are several air taxi services available, my loyalty will remain with Flewber. The love and passion Marc put into Flewber resonates and reverberates with each element of the experience. There aren’t enough words to describe what a delight it is.

Flewber is set to expand quite rapidly, so stay tuned. And when you’re able- give it a go. For as little as $350, you’ll feel like a million bucks.

Ari Zoldan, Farhana Rahman, Marc Sellouk
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