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How to fundraise for Israel

In the aftermath of the harrowing events on October 7th, Israel stands at a crossroads, grappling with the weight of loss, the urgency of recovery, and the immediate threat of an attack from Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, at the same time as anti-Semitism shows it ugly face around the world.

As the nation faces these unprecedented challenges, the global community’s support, both moral and financial, becomes paramount.

Fundraising is a pivotal component of this support, and its effectiveness can significantly influence Israel’s path forward.

Below are the 5 key components on how to fundraise for Israel during these critical times, for both individuals looking to support, and organizations looking to fundraise.

How to fundraise for Israel: 5 Things to Ensure Funds

Identify Your Core Audience

Not every individual or group will resonate with your fundraising efforts or your purposes. In fact, most of the world is sitting on the fence or openly opposes Israel’s right to defend itself. Engaging these audiences in arguments to try to convince them to change their opinion is next to futile, as they have been bombarded with anti-Israel propaganda for two decades, and hold a worldview completely polar opposite to yours.

Instead, it’s essential to focus on those who have historically shown unwavering support for Israel. The global Jewish community and the global Christian evangelical community are prime examples of groups that have consistently rallied behind Israel and are already the most supportive global communities rallying behind Israel at this time.

Don’t waste your time trying to convince people who won’t be convinced, those who stand quietly by and look away are just the same as those who condone and support the massacre – do not try to convince them to change their minds. If they firmly believe that massacring infants is “freedom fighting”, do not waste your time trying to gain their support. Aim all your efforts at Israel’s friends and allies.

Be Clear and Direct

Clarity is the cornerstone of effective communication. When asking for donations, give your argument and provide a ‘call-to-action’, an action point clearly stating what the potential donor is to do next.

At this time, awareness is important, but with Israel’s enemies gathering at the border, immediate support is crucial – this is no longer a war of opinions.

Israel’s current needs are financial and humanitarian aid. Several larger organizations like FIDFMADA, and JNF are on the ground making every effort to provide such aid, fundraising their work is a great, clear ‘call-to-action’ to fundraise towards.

Remember, always include a direct link or platform for donations to make the process as seamless as possible.

Pick the right organizations

In fundraising, trust through relationships is invaluable, and fundraising for smaller organizations, unless it is towards your immediate community who already have a relationship with that organization, becomes difficult since your potential donor base will hesitate to give to an organization that they are unfamiliar with.

Therefore, when reaching out to a larger audience, it’s easier to fundraise towards larger, more well-known organizations that are already working efficiently to assist Israel. This reassures donors that their contributions are channeled towards the intended cause and utilized in the best way, as these organizations have the proper brand, wide public consent, and a steady reputation. As mentioned before – FIDFMADA, and JNF are great examples.

Emphasize the Urgency

The recent events in Israel have underscored the immediate need for support, it needs to happen now. When speaking to donors, highlight the urgency of the situation, emphasizing that the time for action is now crucial.

Donors also want to know that their donation is making a difference. If you are able to specify the need and how the need is being met by the donors’ contribution, you address the potential donors’ question regarding whether their donations will make a difference, removing any doubt to the validity of their contribution, something that hinders more donors than you’d assume.

Here is an example message:

“The October 7th attacks have profoundly impacted Israel and its citizens. We’re all affected and we’re all fighting for survival.

Even if you aren’t here physically with us, we know you are for us, and right now we need your help. Israel is currently in shortage of military supplies, being overwhelmed by the need to provide equipment for the 300,000 reservists now joining the army.

Israel has never needed you as she does now as she yet again fights for her survival. Please make your contribution to Friends of the IDF and stand with Israel.

“I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse”

– Gen 12:3

Am Israel Chai,

Jakob Lundvall”

Focus your social media

When fundraising, adding your message to your feed is good, but finding a community, a group, a hashtag, and even the right individuals, is better.

Find relevant groups, religious or otherwise, connected to Israel, and push your messages towards them. If you have friends in that community, direct it towards them, and ask them to share the message.

Here is an example message for you to tweak and use:

“The recent events in Israel have left countless families devastated and in dire need of support. Join me in standing with Israel during these trying times. Consider donating to FIDF or Magen David Adom to provide immediate aid to those affected. Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference. #StandWithIsrael”

Why now?

If you ever asked yourself, “How did the Holocaust happen?”, you are witnessing it now. It happened when evil men had public consent to commit atrocities. IDF has held Hamas back for decades, but now more terror organizations and several armies are gathering at Israel’s border.

To clarify, this call to action isn’t for Israel, because Israel will prevail with or without the support of the world. This call to action is for you – Will you stand with Israel when it matters? If you aren’t in Israel, you can still make a difference.

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