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How to take the hatred of Israel’s Jewish extreme left

Their frantic warning against Pollard getting a hero’s welcome is disturbing

Normally, I would not read anything that former Israeli premier Olmert said or writes. It’s so lacking honesty and a sense of reality that I find it a waste of time. Yet, I recommend reading his latest words on Pollard if you still think that there is anything worthwhile in the fringe of the left here.

It’s pro-survival to do away with false hope.

Olmert doesn’t want Pollard to make alliyah. It shows that he thinks that Israel is really only for Jews he likes and those who think like him.

He said that Pollard is not an idealist because he did it for big money. Look who’s talking. The only Israeli PM who went to jail for theft.

He said that celebrating Pollard will anger influential Americans. This crazy attitude that Israel is not a safe haven for Jews but rather a country to appease the nations of the world. If we’d do what the world wants us to do, there will be no Jewish State left. And if we do what the UN wants, there will be no Jews left in the Middle East.

He can’t celebrate Pollard’s freedom because of the damage he did to Israel’s good name. Look who’s talking.

It is fair to say that, Lieberman, center-right, said the same thing, but that could be his anti-Americanism that he, as ex-Russian, never shed.


I remember how smug Olmert was during all his court cases. He was a slick lawyer and they would never be able to prove anything. Until he double-crossed his secretary, that is. I have never heard a sorry for all the things he went to jail for and all the court cases he wasted on Israel’s taxpayers.

Olmert’s coldness now toward Pollard is nothing new. His token request when he was PM to free Pollard was not enthusiastic. And his frosty words now are likely influenced by his wish to justify himself.

Of course, he added a jab at Netanyahu. His ongoing lack of respect for the democratically elected PM is telling.

It’s an important Jewish principle to free captives and an important Israeli one to leave no soldier behind. One must be so far removed from anything Jewish and Israeli to even question these principles. Let alone to exchange them for finding favor with the capturers. The latter betrayal can still be seen somewhat favorably when coming from Diaspora Jews (Stockholm Syndrome), but when said by Israelis, there’s simply no justification.

Let’s overlook Olmert’s lack of solidarity and gratitude. But where is his empathy with someone spending decades in solitary confinement for helping Israel, then released to a tiny apartment almost with house arrest? Olmert was like a year in a luxurious jail and still lives in the lap of luxury.

To add hurt to injury, he made money from writing a book in jail.


When some lie that Pollard’s freedom only will make the extreme right happy, remember that Jewish Members of Knesset unanimously pleaded for his release! That means that anyone who doesn’t celebrate his return to Israel is, per definition, an extremist, a fringe figure–and a liar if they portray themselves as moderate. Stop believing just anything anyone says.

Those who say that Pollard was a brazen traitor to the US, Israel’s friend, we shortly answer: Rather, the US was not behaving like Israel’s friend. In fact, US foreign policy vis-à-vis Jews and Israel has always prioritized US interests. If that was nice for Israel too, that was only a side effect. That’s not the rhetoric US politicians give the American People, but that’s how they get away with their various levels of not really standing with the Jews.

The idea that a ‘good,’ ‘solid’ US-Israel relationship can only be when Israel shows itself to be a doormat to the US is too antisemitic to even ponder.

Clinton (Democrat, “Yesh berirah“), Bush II (Republican, “Israel, I’m the best friend you ever had in the White House”), Obama (Democrat, “no U.S. administration has done more in support of Israel’s security than ours”), and Trump (Republican, “You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money”) collectively stand for decades of not freeing Pollard.


Jewish unity is dear. Between left and right, secular and religious, the urban and the rural, the Ashkenazic and the Sephardic, young and old, etc. Conflicts between Jews have always cost us a lot. I’m convinced that over 90% of the Jewish Israelis want good relationships with all Israelis and all Jews in the Diaspora–and with all Arab non-Jews in and around Israel. But some fringe people (on the left and the right) can’t be included. Driven by hatred, lacking a sense of reality, and all their critical sense is for others.

When we talk about Jewish unity and democracy, we do not include people who hate so much that their ideal is to reject, ignore, silence, and expulse large sections of Israel’s population. This not because we hate them. Rather, because they are impossible to work with, please, appease. Their goals are opposed to unity, love, peace, and happiness for all.

Without a heavy heart, ignore them and don’t include them.

I chose the above clip despite my dislike of Caroline Glick’s customary hard-line right-wing positions. Because on antisemitism among US leaders, she’s spot-on. While the American People, in general, is great with Israel and Jews. Always distinguish between the People and the elites.

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