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How to Use the Power of Innovative Marketing for the Greater Good

Israel is just about start-ups, but about vision, too
Participants in the Menachem Begin Heritage Center's Masa program, the Israel Government Fellows, stand on a balcony overlooking Jerusalem's Old City. (courtesy)
Participants in the Menachem Begin Heritage Center's Masa program, the Israel Government Fellows, stand on a balcony overlooking Jerusalem's Old City. (courtesy)

Israel has branded itself as the startup nation for a good reason – it’s a tiny place bursting with innovation and entrepreneurship. By working with so many startups, I have learned that one of the main keys for success as an entrepreneur is to not only have skills but to believe in something larger than your company’s particular mission.

There is a great appreciation for ex-IDF intelligence officers and the edge they bring to global innovation and specifically to the fields of big data and cyber security. A less talked-about field that Israelis bring innovation to, using this same background, is in the field of digital marketing. Think about it: marketing similarly to intelligence units means segmenting, targeting, and reaching very defined audiences, and identifying the types of content that will likely cause specific desired reactions.

An Israeli marketing innovation tool was able to create a big impact on Masa Israel, a company that believes they can create positive change among young Jewish people around the world. Masa Israel Journey is an initiative whose vision is to change the Jewish and Israeli future by bringing every young Jew from around the world to Israel to “live like a local” for several months or longer. Masa’s portfolio, which is among the best in the international scene, includes study abroad, advanced degree, volunteer, internship, career development, and Jewish study options in high-quality programs operating throughout Israel. The organization already has 110,000 alumni around the world and some 13,000 participants this year.

But how do you reach such a huge number of Jewish young people from all around the world?
And how do you align them with Masa’s cause and vision?

The Story of the Smart Link

Masa Israel has offices in many countries and people who work closely with local Jewish communities. This helps Masa spread its message and expand its reach. However, millennials are more likely to be found online, and Masa had to find better ways to reach them in the virtual sphere. Furthermore, Masa didn’t have the advanced online marketing tools they needed to pinpoint the right audience and attract them with the right messages.

Masa searched for a flexible and easy-to-use content marketing platform to help them spread their mission. So they decided to partner with Remarketing.io, an Israeli startup that allows them to share external content online through a smart link that drives more engagement and converts the quality audience they need.

Remarketing.io is a smart link generation platform that has several unique benefits:
1. Customized overlay: It allows its users to create an appealing and customized overlay above any content they share with attractive video, images, or HTML ads and a call to action. This alone increases engagement significantly – the audience clicks on it and can go to any desired page, such as a company’s site, an online form, etc.
2. Retargeting tags: The second smart feature of each link is that it tags the audience for your next Facebook or Google remarketing campaign. In other words, you never lose a lead again.

With the use of its A/B testing tools and easy-to-use dashboard and reports, Masa could see real, significant results. This enabled Masa to market to the right Jewish youth with interesting, attention-grabbing, and attractive ads and videos, and then convert leads tenfold.

The Remarketing.io platform was implemented very quickly in 10 different Masa offices around the world, and shared with Masa partners and organizers that also started using the tool to drive conversion and increase ROI.

Of course, the real meaning of return of investment for Masa is not just numbers and percentages, but a real impact. It means that more young Jewish people will get to connect to Israel and to their peers, contribute to Israeli society, and shape who they are via a transformative experience.

In today’s online marketing environment, it’s not easy to “excite” people, let alone get them to believe in something enough to leave their homes and take the journey of a lifetime. Remarketing.io allowed Masa to proudly use an innovative Israeli “startup-nation company,” and approach their audience differently in a unique and authentic yet persistent way that built desire among their audience to take part in this impactful project and later share their experiences with their friends back home.


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Lirone Glikman is the founder of The Human Factor, boutique Consultancy firm that specializes in marketing and business Relationship building practices for corporate and startups globally. Glikman is a global Keynote Speaker and an Honorary adviser to the UN NGO Committee on Sustainable Development
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