Laurie Dinerstein-Kurs
Life Member, Hadassah Northern New Jersey

How we failed our kids

Why should we be surprised that the youth in Universities and High Schools are ignorant  of  why their ideas regarding the current situation in Israel…and on campuses – are not only factually wrong but inherently going to hurt their own future!!!

The average kid has no understanding or knowledge of the fact that the Ottoman Empire ruled that part of the world for hundreds of years. NO PALESTINIAN pushback! WWI ended that when the Ottomans LOST the war.

Every kid knows when you lose a game, a tournament, a bet, a coin toss…there is a winner….who gets the top prize…and the loser who doesn’t. Britain et al WON that war…and to the victor go the spoils. What did Britain win???  The land mass known today as Israel.  How many kids know this?

Furthermore, contrary to false info the kids are fed…Britain GAVE their winning – TO THE JEWS!!! The Jews did NOT STEAL the land, usurp it or otherwise come by it unethically.  What the kids also likely are unaware of…at the time the Jews  were offered  the opportunity to settle in the land, having been established  as the State of Israel…the Arabs/Palestinian’s WERE ALSO OFFERED even more land than was GIVEN to Israel.  Ever hear of JORDAN?  THEY turned it down.  The Arabs went to war with Israel..1948...the Arabs lost.  In the Arab world, it came to be known as the Nakba (“Catastrophe”). 1967, Israel answered an Egypt’s rush to war by the Israeli victory.  Israeli units drove back Syrian forces from the Golan Heights, took control of the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, and West Bank from Jordan.  AND, Israel was now in sole control of Jerusalem.  Do the kids know this??? NO! And sad to say…most likely their parents don’t either!!!

Misinformation and lies spread by those suffering from wishful thinking, embarrassment, losers remorse and being a total sore loser.  In the many Arab = Israeli wars…Israel has always won.  When you win…you WIN!!  Tell a kid who WON a race that they can’t keep their winnings because the loser …the one who LOST…is embarrasses, angry, mortified…and insists on getting the prize.  See how that strategy goes over on the kid!

About the Author
Rabbi Laurie Dinerstein-Kurs is a Life Member of Hadassah and spent her youth in Brooklyn, volunteering for such organizations as Junior Hadassah, the Civil Air Patrol, BBYO, and Young Judea. As an adult, she became a member of Hadassah, BBW (B’nai Brith Women), Women's American ORT (Organization for Educational Resources and Technological Training) and The National Council of Jewish Women. She has a Masters in rehabilitation of the handicapped. She taught for 25 years and upon retirement became a hospice chaplain. She and Steve, her husband of 53 years have two children, ten grandchildren and two great grandchildren!
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