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How WordPress is being adapted to accommodate Israel’s burgeoning startups

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Israel is popularly known as the Startup Nation, and justifiably so – with a population of around 8.5 million, the country has the largest number of startups per capita in the world. With a ratio of around 1 startup per 1,400 citizens, Israel is currently dwarfing the likes of the United Kingdom, Germany and France (rates of .21, .056 and .112 per 1,400 people respectively), and as the instances of new businesses within the region have increased, the onus has switched towards facilitating their development. 

In this age of unprecedented interconnectivity, website design and development has become serious business. While innovative organisations from Tel Aviv’s melting pot of slick tech startups like Wix have made strides into the realm of web creation, it’s WordPress that controls as much as 30% of all websites across the world

The need for adaptive and scalable sites for Israeli startups is ever-increasing, and there’s plenty being done within the country to accommodate the voluminous demand for development. Earlier this year, one of Israel’s top WordPress agencies, Illuminea was bought out by – a significant sign of industry intent. But given Israel’s unique position on the world stage, what else is being done to welcome Israeli websites onto the internet? Here’s a deeper look at the relationship between the tech nation’s startups and WordPress:

The necessity of synergy

The needs of Israeli startups can differ from those hailing from the rest of the world. As a nation that not only has multiple recognised and diverse languages but also continually looks to market to all corners of the world, it’s vital that all local startups have websites that are usable for everyone. 

This can be a tall order – especially given the fundamental differences between Hebrew, Arabic and English – when it comes to building websites that everybody can read. Multilingual support in WordPress that’s capable of adapting to the needs of new companies is essential. 

When it comes to multilingual support, Wix is regarded as the most capable platform that naturally offers synergy between varying languages, especially when compared to other similar website builders. However, WordPress has been stepping up efforts to bring seamless transitions between language barriers. Significantly, it’s the wide range of WordPress extensions available that brings an extra air of adaptability for users. 2019 Super Bowl commercial featuring model Karlie Kloss. (YouTube)

Polylang is an excellent tool for websites that are ambitious enough to market themselves to a varying range of users with different mother tongues. Through Polylang, users can automatically translate and duplicate content across a host of languages. Significantly, there’s ample room for the preservation of a website’s on-page SEO too – with multilingual HTML hreflang tags and opengraph tags well catered for. 

When it comes to plugins, Elementor’s Page Builder is an excellent resource that not only caters for RTL (Right-to-Left) pages but can be utilised to create stunning designs that would be purposeful for many of Israel’s startup organisations and the range of industries they hail from. 

Adaptive layouts

The beauty of WordPress today comes from its adaptability. Not all of Tel Aviv’s huge collection of startups are going to be in a position to launch with a dedicated in-house web developer. WordPress has learned that it needs to cater to business owners with varying levels of digital experience, and so has established a range of themes and frameworks from which to choose. 

The platform’s Divi Theme is an excellent choice if you’re a novice when it comes to building websites, while the Avada Theme is great for experienced users who want to set up a strong e-commerce store. Total Theme is a marvellous all-purpose setup built from WordPress’ popular WPBakery Page Builder – this particular option is brimful of customisable options and tools that can enable website owners to hand-craft their perfect website. 

The importance of utilising adaptive layouts for business websites is can’t be underestimated for startups. Whether it involves finding a theme that allows enough scaling to accommodate growth, or simply adopting a page setup that fits the right niche industry. 

Luckily there’s no shortage of supply when it comes to finding the right pages to suit your business today through WordPress, thanks to the ease in which third parties can develop varying layouts. 

As startups continue to crop up in Israel at a rate of 1 per 1,400 citizens, it’s imperative that website building platforms cater not only to the technologically astute businesses of Tel Aviv but also the wide range of industries being catered to across the country. 

Thanks to WordPress’ supreme adaptability, local businesses can market themselves confidently to customers speaking Hebrew, Arabic, English or any other major language in a way that doesn’t negate the overall structure of their websites.

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