Julian Sorsby

Hypocrisy rules!

Zamenhof, a Polish Jewish ophthalmologist who was born in Bialystock and lived in Warsaw a little more than 100 years ago invented an international language, Esperanto in the hope it would lead to world peace. It never really caught on – the language or world peace! Now led by an organization purportedly dedicated to world peace, the United Nations, a new international language has been adopted. Hypocrisy.

Please, indulge me for a few moments. Imagine the scene. The year is 1945. British and American troops are crossing the River Elba and the Russian army is racing across Poland, each heading towards Berlin. The Russians liberate Auschwitz and Eisenhower visits Ohrdruf, the first camp liberated by the Americans. The world now sees newsreel and photos of the camps and for the first time begins to appreciate the horrific nature of Nazism, about which the Jewish underground in Europe had been telling the allies for some years.

The war goes on. The Germans are ordered by Hitler to fight to the last man. Children are put in uniform by the Nazis and sent out to confront tanks and armies. The allies continue to suffer heavy losses in the hand to hand street fighting. Germany is in ruins. Countless German civilians are dead. Hitler tells his most senior generals that he doesn’t care how many civilians die, the Third Reich must live forever. Thus far this ‘story’ sounds awfully familiar and contemporary. Could it be that history is repeating itself?

Now, imagine the reaction if the League of Nations, a failed peacekeeping organization, was still around and voted to compel the allies to cease fire regardless of the fact that this would enable the Nazi leadership to escape, regroup and reactivate their barbaric plans.

Thank you for indulging me. Please now fast forward to the hours and days following the Hamas invasion of October 7th 2023. The world told Israel it has the right to defend itself in whatever way it deemed necessary against the Nazi style, ISIS like, barbaric Hamas invasion.

Just three weeks later and a failed peacekeeping organization, the UN, through its General Assembly tells Israel ‘Times Up! Stop what you’re doing. Put up with the horrors, put up with the daily missiles raining down on your civilians. In fact, put up with the terrorists.”

With total disregard of the facts, the history, the evidence, the UN is telling Israel it must stop. This is tantamount to telling Israel ‘you no longer have the right to defend yourself. In fact, for the good of the people who put Hamas in power, please now commit suicide’.

What utter hypocrisy but how altogether predictable. Listen UN!!!!  We are not the bad guys. We are the ones fighting the evil that will consume you if you let it consume us! However long it takes, Israel must continue to do everything in its power to smash Hamas and thereby free the Gazan Palestinians. And it will be necessary to find a way with its Arab allies to replace the corrupt holocaust denying leadership of the West Bank. And, as part of a multinational effort, the Iranian regime with its army – Hezbollah – on Israel’s northern border, and its nuclear weapons underground will have to be dealt with.

The UN can call for a cease-fire. That is its prerogative. Israel can wage war – that is its. No matter how many racist screaming mobs the terrorists can mobilize in the streets of cities around the world, encouraged by the fictions broadcast on social media and the BBC, Israel is fighting a war for its survival and the survival of the Jewish people. The terrorists and their terrorist state Iran have succeeded in trampling on the delicate shoots of peace that were emerging from the dusty soil. But they have not killed the seeds of hope. They will take root again and peace will grow.

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Julian Sorsby was born in London three months before the rebirth of the State of Israel. He is a lifelong Zionist, a student of Jewish history and an advocate of human rights.
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