Hypocritical Republicans and Kim Jong Un

President Trump smiles with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Earlier, Trump said about Un, “He’s got a very good personality, he’s funny, and he’s very, very smart.” (Kevin Lim/Getty Images, via Twitter)

“I would,” said then-presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008 when asked if he would meet with dictators, such as that of North Korea.

Within a few days, the Republican Jewish Coalition ran television ads against Senator Obama, calling him naive and telling viewers to be concerned.

Now, 10 years later, on June 12, 2018, United States President Donald J. Trump actually met with North Korea’s “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong Un in Singapore and promised him concessions. Republicans seemed to forget to be outraged. CNN’s Chris Cuomo called out the hypocrisy by asking “What if Obama made this deal with Kim Jong Un?”.

President Trump has fooled even his most hawkish supporters into believing that North Korea is run by reasonable people — that the United States can trust them and this administration can hold them accountable.

In case anyone is living in lala land and needs a reminder, North Korea is run by the number one human rights violators in the entire world. They have never followed “agreements” or “promises” from years past.

North Korea has been a pathetic excuse for a country since its first dictator, Kim Il-Sung, took power seven decades ago. In the early 1950s’ “Korean War”, the United States and its allies in Western Europe defended South Korea against the aggression of Soviet-backed North Korea. Half a million died between the sides.

Since then, North Korea’s dictators have denied its citizens most basic rights, notably freedom of speech and freedom of movement. “Political crimes”, such as criticizing the dictatorship, is punished with execution or — if the accused person is “lucky” — prison. There is no “due process” and many executions are done publicly. In 2007, one execution had an audience of 150,000. Forced labor, physical abuse, and human experimentation are trademarks of North Korean prisons, which are essentially internment camps. Starvation is the most common way political prisoners die. North Koreans also cannot freely enter or leave the country, and they can be killed for trying.

The same North Korean dictatorship that laughed about starving their own people in the mid-1990s boasted about abducting 13 innocent Japanese citizens a decade earlier. 486 South Koreans have also allegedly been abducted by North Korea over the years.

Needless to say, this disgusting regime does not support American interests — North Korea has directly targeted America and its allies. North Korea’s dictatorship has sent personnel, money, and weapons to Middle Eastern dictators and terrorist organizations to assist in the effort to destroy Israel. 15 Americans have been held by the North Korean dictatorship for petty crimes in the past 20 years alone. Otto Warmbier, an American who allegedly stole a propaganda poster, was held and abused for fifteen months and died a week after his release.

Meanwhile, President Trump calls Kim Jong Un “talented”. Talented at starving North Koreans to death in internment camps, perhaps.

When asked about the political prisoners, assassinations, and executions, President Trump said he hopes it will be addressed “at some point”. Trump continued, “A lot of people have done bad things.”

Imagine for a quick second if former President Obama had called Un “talented” or ignored his regime’s gross human rights violations — let alone if he had planned a weak, vague agreement with North Korea’s dictatorship.

Anyone with a brain could confidently say that the Republican Jewish Coalition and its allies would probably be running some ads — at the very least.

Instead, while the hypocrites are mum, the same enemies of democracy who backed North Korea in the Korean War a couple generations ago are now celebrating Trump’s naïveté. Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs called it “a step in the right direction” and President Trump’s good friend, Russian President Vladimir Putin, called Trump’s summit “brave” and “positive”.

Vladimir Putin knows that the truth is that North Korea’s crooked dictatorship cannot he trusted. In 1993-94, former President Bill Clinton tried to make a deal with the North Korean regime to end their nuclear program. That deal promised much more out of North Korea than what the current president is shooting for. Nevertheless, North Korea’s dictatorship broke the deal and eventually acquired a nuclear weapon. They made a public mockery of America in the process.

President Trump — the same man who, for no reason, scaled back America’s new relations with Cuba — shamelessly praised Un. He promised North Korea security guarantees and swore a scale-back of military cooperation between the U.S. and its staunch ally, South Korea. In exchange, Un “promises” he’ll start to pursue denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. The Trump administration believes him.

Kim Jong Un is a lying madman who ordered the execution of his own uncle for disloyalty.

Before hopping on the Trump Train just because it’s Trump, maybe double check where the train is headed. Because unless the Republican Party is okay with hypocrisy and having no values, a vague agreement with Kim Jong Un’s North Korea — based solely on mutual trust and respect — does not sound like something they support.

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Aaron Boudaie is a Political Science and Public Policy student at UCLA and former elected representative on UCLA's student government council, intern at the Knesset, and intern for a member of Congress. He is active in the local LA Jewish community.
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