Allyson Altit

I am hated

Do you know what a big deal it is to be a JEW?

Being a Jew in Israel comes with a great responsibility, which basically means accepting that there are an outrageous amount of beings in the world that hate Jews and even more so they hate Israeli Jews. It is hate to a tremendous degree and in a way that nobody’s mind could ever comprehend-unless they’re very sick and from an abnormal society that are extremely dangerous, and absolutely, have no regard for life.

I am still learning that I was born with this really big responsibility. At sixty two years old I along with an entire country are stunned and in shock as we attempt to comprehend the depth of how much we are so despised-by certain kinds of creatures. Can you understand that there even exists such hatred- which is totally surrounding us and will attack at any moment of our life.

The depth of the hate is inclusive of the notion that it is permitted, maybe even dare I say normal-to ambush and slaughter, kidnap and murder innocent Jews, like me-pull anybody or all of us out of our homes, burn them, take us from our personal environment and remove everybody out of our country, ISRAEL. How is it possible that there are creatures, who slightly resemble humans but are definitely savage beasts who are running wild in my backyard-storming into concerts and peaceful communities in order to destroy families, innocent and most precious babies and young and older people alike- by such a force that is truly unknown to any human being. Torturing, hurting, beating and abusing until they are satisfied by the spillage of blood and carnage. Ultimately their goal in life is to stomp on all of us Jewish people as if we are not human, in their eyes we are worthless garbage that don’t deserve to live.

I sit here and listen to the very loud silence outside my windows, the sun is, as usual, shining in Israel and the sky is perfectly clear, a breeze blows in from the sea yet I know well that danger and death encompass the entire nation of Israel. It is looming 24/7. We have been put into a life threatening situation here in Israel because we are JEWISH.

Anytime the siren roars, this has kind of become the norm, we rise from our seat or bed and leap if need be into the safe room or bomb shelter, and wait to hear the iron dome intercept the deadly missiles from the haters-those beasts. While running we simultaneously must be sure to have our phone in hand to make contact with our children and grandchildren-everyone is taking check of each other in every home all the time. Distracting each other, as if that is possible, reassuring each other always that soon we will exit the safe area and resume normalcy-which is not exactly true. This is our new normal, as we are well aware this war is not going to end yet.

By evening, even though we watch the news events quite hawkishly all day long-most people sit in front of the television to hear the update of the horror that indubitably took place since the night before. Parents speak on air, overwhelmed with grief and fear and desperate to know where their children are or if they are even alive-after the sudden slaughter of hundreds of people that were attacked at a peaceful concert. Families begging for help to locate family members also not knowing if they are still living after they were forced out of their home and tossed away to be carted to-who knows where. There is no end to the tears-as we hear about our soldiers who were killed in battle-it took just a few days to lose so many young, incredibly competent, intelligent, good women and men-that were loving children, spouses, parents, family and friends to many. All of them did not hesitate to rise up and defend Israel.

The entire nation of Israel is like a giant family and each person feels the gut wrenching, sickening rip inside them as we all feel the pain and loss of precious people, that were loved and adored by many. And why, why, why!

We are Jewish and we are hated to an extreme by too many-and I do not think that I personally could ever absorb the fact that people hate me this much and so they need to eliminate me, destroy my life and remove me from this world.

As I am about to submit this piece, I hear sudden booming-but no siren-what does this mean? My daughter simultaneously texts me now and is asking if I hear booms-we have a moment of confusion-and I now turned on the t.v. to hear that we are hearing booms happening from multiple missiles sent into Tel Aviv. We are waiting for our turn to run for cover because this is how the terrorists operate-just when we thought we were having but just a moment of quiet they remind us by tormenting Israel with rockets flying all over, in the hope to wipe us off the face of the earth.

About the Author
Allyson Altit is from New York. She has worked in the travel industry for over 30 years as a leisure specialist. Her area of expertise is in European destinations and Israel. She has been involved with charity work for the Hadassah organization as well. In 2009 she graduated from Queens College majoring in Jewish studies. She has just completed writing her first novel...
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