I don’t scare easy but now I am scared…

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I think that often the Wall Street Journal gets it right. In the Saturday/Sunday, January 30, 2021 edition, an editorial called “Speech and Sedition” discusses the looming movement toward suppressing conservative voices in media. In clear terms the opinions of The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, Twitter, MSNBC as well as individuals such as Thomas Friedman, Margaret Sullivan and Nicholas Kristof are cited. All are calling for the destruction of Fox News. As WSJ puts it:

“The progressive press decides that dissenters should be suppressed.”
Suggestions take the form of punishing Fox and other conservative sources through economic actions. Kristof, (NYTimes) for example, called for “pressure on advertisers to withdraw from Fox News…” and Sullivan Washington Post) stated, “corporations that advertise on Fox News should walk away.”

Now I don’t know about you but this scares the hell out of me.

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The Left is pushing hard to eliminate all but its own point of view. This is loaded with irony as well as ill will. “Liberals” are supposed to care about the right to free speech.

Where on earth has that principle fled?

Where is the slightest iota of concern re: the First Amendment?

These people and institutions are falling all over themselves to punish anyone associated with Trump or conservative political opinions. They have waged war on individuals and social media outlets as well. Twitter competitor Parler has been destroyed, petitions urging publishing houses to reject any book proposals from anyone who worked in the Trump administration are circulating.


No less an authority on a free society than Katie Couric has suggested that Trump voters be “deprogrammed.”

Hatred of Trump has fueled Democrats from day one — January 20, 2017 — of his administration, and far be it for me to defend him. I could try, but I certainly won’t. I will leave it to the historians to sort out the good from the bad re: the Trump years.

But half of the country voted for him once again in 2020. To try to discredit or “cancel” the voices of all of these Americans I see as a breathtaking assault on every American.

I ask the so-called “Liberals” among the Times/Jewish Chronicle, my own Jewish people, to carefully consider their stance in this regard. Any assault on any American’s right to information is an assault on all of us. I think we are at a point of grave risk.

We all know about Orwell’s “1984” as well. None of us wants to see America as a place utterly controlled by one powerful force. That force, call it the Left, the Cancel Culture, or what I now dub The Suppressors, is pushing very, very hard against our freedom.

The long and short of it is — that’s why I am so damned scared.

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Judith R. Robinson is a visual artist, an editor, teacher, fiction writer and poet. She has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers and anthologies. She has taught and conducted workshops for the Pittsburgh Public Schools, Winchester- Thurston School and Allegheny Community College. She currently teaches poetry for Osher at Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.
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