Jacob Greenblatt
Jacob Greenblatt

I dunno 

Great interviewing is a dying art, but fortunately, it is not dead. 

Axios’ Alexi McCammond recently interviewed the founders of Ben & Jerry’s to discuss the decision by the Unilever-owned company to stop selling its products in the settlements. 

Asked by the interviewer why they continue to sell their products in [US] states that limit voting or abortion rights – even though the company strongly advocates in favor of these rights – the answer from the founder was a resounding and deafening, “I dunno…” 

For me, there are several lessons to be learned:

  1. The unbelievable lack of depth in their decision-making process, it was crystal clear from the reply that there had been no meaningful dialogue or thought behind their decision. 
  2. Surprisingly, they did not fully appreciate how organizations bent on Israel’s destruction (including the settlements) would use this decision to incite violence and hatred against all Jewish people (both inside and outside of the settlements). 
  3. They debunked once again the notion that Jews cannot apply what Charles Krauthammer called “… a discriminatory standard…” to Israel, and in so doing, be anti-Semitic.
  4. It is truly amazing what a good interviewer can accomplish just by waiting for an answer. The six-second awkward silence where the interviewer simply asked a question and waited for an answer was epic. I wish some of her Israeli counterparts would learn from this.  

I have a recommendation for a new ice cream flavor. Let’s call it Anti-Semitism, made from equal parts of ignorance, self-righteousness, and hot air. I wonder if we should add in a sprinkling of manipulation by outside influences; well…I dunno.

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