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I fight for the future of Jewish education in Europe

My name is Tal.
I am 5 ft 1 inches tall.
I am a mother of three
And I am a fighter.

Before you jump to conclusions I want to clarify that I don’t fight with my fists, or even with gloves; and I don’t fight in a boxing ring, or on the narrow streets of Venice where I live.
Instead, my fight is not one of koach (physical strength), but gevurah (ideological and spiritual determination), and it is a fight not just for the present, but primarily for the future.

As recently reported, there are real changes taking place in Jewish Europe, but unfortunately, not enough is being done in terms of providing education for our youth.

Admittedly, there are some who believe that we need to wait for tomorrow to find solutions for tomorrow. But I disagree! And I’ve spent the past few years fighting to make the case that UNLESS WE PROVIDE SOLUTIONS TODAY, THERE WON’T BE A TOMORROW.
The Jewish educational needs of young people in Europe are URGENT, and to address them, I – along with some gifted teachers – have created a low-cost high-impact solution called ZEHUD, which is a not-for-profit online supplementary school teaching Ivrit and Judaic Studies.

ZEHUD is currently growing. But to meet the CURRENT NEEDS of Jewish children we need YOUR help. Just 50 Euros ( i.e., $57) will pay for half of our tuition for one child per month. –Here is the link . The needs are now. Please help me fight for the future of Jewish children. Thank you.

About the Author
Tal lives in Venice, Italy, in an antique Jewish Orthodox community that enjoys over 500 years of colorful history. She has fallen hopelessly in love with Jewish Europe and runs The Zehud Jewish Online School & Foundation for Jewish Life in Europe. Most communities today don't have a Jewish School, by virtually uniting smaller groups to create a critical mass, we have connected it with high quality Jewish education . Passionate about promoting sites of Jewish interest and Jewish personalities , Tal especially enjoys social encounters and hosts locals and internationals for eclectic Shabbat dinners. She has taken her management skills and applied them to various multicultural challenges, family life and even parenting. Tal believes in the power of the WE.
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