Shai Afsai
Shai Afsai

I get ideas for articles in Jewish publications: A poem

How latkes reaffirmed my Judaism

What matzah ball soup taught me about social justice

Lessons I learned from bringing a Christmas tree into my grandmother’s Jewish nursing home

Herring was once a household fish — meet the young Jewish women trying to bring back an ancient delicacy

I used to eat hummus and pita — until I realized culinary cultural appropriation is one of the factors prolonging the Occupation

Mimouna — the Moroccan Jewish holiday you’ve never heard of but need to start celebrating

Mufleta — the crepe-like Moroccan Jewish delicacy you’ve never heard of but need to start eating

What gefilte fish and the patriarchy share in common — and why I won’t let my daughters go near it at shul kiddush

I baked ginger bread cookies with my kids on Christmas and the sky didn’t fall

Why my wife and I publicly agonized for months on social media over whether or not to circumcise our son, even though it was pretty clear from the beginning that we’d go ahead with it no matter what

I’m not lighting Hannukah candles this year — and neither should you

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Shai Afsai ( lives in Providence, Rhode Island. In addition to fiction and poetry, his recent writing has focused on the works of Thomas Paine, Zionist historiography, Jews and Freemasonry, Benjamin Franklin’s influence on Jewish thought and practice, religious traditions of the Beta Yisrael Jewish community from Ethiopia, Jewish observance and identity in Nigeria, aliyah to Israel from Rhode Island, Jewish pilgrimage to Ukraine, Jewish-Polish relations, Jews and Irish literature, and Judaism in Northern Ireland.
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