I Have Never Seen A Headline As Outrageous, Disgusting and Misleading as This One!

On October 10th, Batsheva Sobelman wrote a piece for the LA Times entitled “6 Palestinians dead as violence grips Gaza, Jerusalem.” Clearly this type of journalism that promotes the use of sensationalist headlines to attract readership should be condemned on all levels. This woman should be stripped of any privilege to cover news in the region or anywhere for that matter. It’s shameful and disgusting. Shame on you Ms. Sobelman. Shame on you LA Times!

It’s hard enough that innocent Israeli civilians are being targeted, attacked and murdered nonstop over the past several days. It would be great if those covering these events (particularly those covering from Israel) took it upon themselves to put more thought and sensitivity into their coverage. Otherwise, please feel free (clearly you already take your freedom for granted) to pick yourself up and move elsewhere.

About the Author
Joel was born and raised in Toronto. He made aliyah to Modiin and is married with three children.
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