I heard you want a change

According to the The 2014 Israeli Democracy Index conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute, 41% of the Jews living in Israel said Socio-Economic issues are the top priority, 26% said that both are equally important and only 29% said that Security and Foreign issues are the most important thing.

security index

Security matters are the top priority for any country. this is not an opinion, it is a fact; allow me to explain.

If your country is destroyed, there is no country on where to develop socially or economically. Security matters are a prerequisite for all other matters (such as socio-economic) to exist.

To claim that socio-economic issues are more important than security issues, is like saying that getting a college education or making money is more important than anything else in a person’s life.

No. If a person is death they cannot attend to college or make money, if their security is threatened they cannot keep going with their lives.

they would only be able to think further away from their security threat if the threat is gone.

You know how after a while of having something you stop to really valuing it and you just take it for granted?

this is why 41% of Israeli-Jews put socio-economic issues as the most important thing.

they think that the economic development is the top priority because compared to previous years, the security issue has improved a lot and they now see it as a given.

Suicide bombings are in a record low and Israel’s war technology (such as Iron Dome) has allowed Israel to engage in battles while having a relatively small number of casualties.

But are people forgetting how all of this happened? are they not aware that the security issue has passed to be in second terms only because Netanyahu and the right wing have made it possible?

Opposed to Netanyahu and the right wing, Herzog is someone not only willing to give land for piece, but someone who wants to give land for piece.

Someone who hasn’t learned anything from the Gaza disengagement history. and who would be willing to do the same thing to the west bank and to endanger Israel’s security.

Herzog is not the right person to lead Israel if security issues are your priority, and we just discussed why they should be.

Herzog and Livni blame Netanyahu for the decrease on US-Israel relations; I beg to differ.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is someone who only has Israel security at heart and who does not succumbs to international pressure at the expense of his country security. Israel needs a leader like that.

People supporting Herzog are mainly doing so on the claim that they want a change.

If Netanyahu fails to remain Prime Minister of Israel, they are going to get a change. I’m just not sure it’s going to be the change they are hoping for.

If Herzog comes into power, security matters will once again become a top priority in everyone’s mind because security threats will become much more evident and real.

We all know the saying “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”.

If Netanyahu doesn’t remain as PM, Israelis will look back and say “We didn’t know what we had, and now that we want to feel safe again and to go back to the times where our main focus was the economy and not the fear for our lives, now all of that is gone”.

About the Author
Alan is originally from Mexico City where he lived until he was 20 years old. He was raised in a conservative-reform household. Alan moved to New York City when he was 20 years old to study Political Science at Yeshiva University. Just prior to that, he spent six months in Israel on a MASA program. Alan’s dream is to one day make Aliyah and to work for the Israeli Government so that he can help his home (Israel) and his fellow Jews all over the world.
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