I met a great Jew today

Today I had the honor to meet a very special Jew.

I paid a shiva call to Jonathan Pollard.
He struggled through the kaddish that he said but he is used to struggling.
You could hear how each syllable was meant for his wife  Esther who dedicated her every breath and thought for over thirty years trying to free her husband and bring him home.
I met a man of high intelligence, serenity, modesty and at the same time with a backbone of steel and an uncompromising dedication to truth.
The American authorities daily tried to dehumanize and humiliate Jonathan the hated Jew. They wanted to force that Jew on his knees and beg for mercy and forgiveness It was to no avail.
They mocked him,  and taunted,” you have no hope. Your people have abandoned you. You’re Israel that you sacrificed for and the American Jewish establishment wants no part of you.
(At one point an Israeli representative came to his  cell and suggested he commit suicid and solve the problem for all involved.)
 To our shame his torturers in large part were correct, but still, Jonathan with the help of his loyal “Esther of Steel ” and some of the Jewish people did not bend decade after decade after decade.
He understood that it wasn’t he who they expected to bend a knee before them, but all that he sacrificed for and believed in. It was not a personal matter only.
Surviving and challenging this hell pit every moment, day and night, year after year, decade after decade after decade has transformed him into a truly extraordinary spirit.
I met a potential leader for the Jewish people.
His love for his people and land are expressed powerfully and elegantly. The pain of Am Yisroel is his pain and he wants us to be  what  we are meant to be.
It is no wonder that the “powers that be” in Israel have  sent us off course time  and again have warned him not to be too outspoken. He is dangerous to a corrupt establishment.
I have a feeling that they will be disappointed.
My book”Jews, Israelis and Arabs” will shed light on the issue of identity in this  beloved Jewish country of ours.
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I made Aliyah after receiving an MA in International Relations. I have been writing articles about Israel since my arrival. I am a licensed tour guide since 1980. I served in the IDF. I am the author of ,"Jews, Israelis and Arabs" available on Amazon.
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